Be Back Soon.

School is intense. My weekends are intense. My life seems to be really busy right now to actually write reviews and thoughts. I have decided to take a break again. I will come back in December before Christmas with many thoughts and random post. During this time, I will try to squeeze in as much writing as I can during my actually free days that happen every 2-3 weeks. By December I am pretty sure there will be a lot of post waiting to be posted.

See you guys soon.




I haven’t been updating or blogging for the past month I liked wanted to. Ihave started up some post but never got to finish it up. I have been busy with school and what is coming up are exams and finals. Studying took up a lot of my time and soon it will be done with. I have one AP exam this Friday and then finals in 2 weeks and then SAT in one month. School is almost over but studying is long from being over. I will be back soon with many reviews and thoughts on some TVB series as I kept watching even when I am busy. I think I will be posting again in a week or so since finals aren’t that big of a deal anyways. Then it will be posting for months as summer is approaching.

I can’t wait to blog again because I have so much to blog about. 😀

TVBThink…turns 1.

After many updates and breaks in between, TVBThink has lasted for one year. Created in November of 2007 and officially launched on February 4, 2008, it has been one great year of reviewing, creating images and meeting TVB bloggers around the web. Hopefully TVBThink will be able to grow another year.