A Recipe for the Heart Eps. 2

There was a bunch of chefs waiting outside of Louis’s restaurant wanting “chu sun” to come out. They came because they wanted to have a little competition with him.  Louis then went to Maggie’s magazine place to tell her that he is not “chu sun” Maggie yelled out “chu sun” and the photographers were on him again.


Bobby’s student said they should leave because the newspaper said they found out who “chu sun” was. Bobby asked him why and besides the “chu sun” that they found was not Bobby it was Louis. Bobby called him useless and continue his cooking.Meanwhile at lunch, Lydia and Esther was wondering if Louis was really “chu Sun”.

Then Lydia and Esther went over to Louis and asked him if he was really “chu sun”. Lydia said there was only one way to find out.  Then she started to beat up Louis. Louis’ boss came out and stop Lydia from hurting Louis and got Lydia’s husband’s chef hat dirty and was pissed off. He started to rub his her face that every year he wins the cooking competition after her husband gone missing.

Lydia got back to the restaurant and ask Bobby and his student whether if she had blood on her hands or not. They replied no. Lydia got all pumped up and told them once she finds “chu sun” she is going to rip every gut out of him. Then she got all sad and said even if she did find him she can’t really take revenge on him. Esther went up to Bobby and wanted to tell her something but Bobby was like if you want to ask for something better be on your knees. Esther told him, no she didn’t have anything to say to him. Then Bobby told her alright then, I will go change and leave.

Esther went to where Bobby was getting fishballs? and told him that she did had something to say to him. Bobby started to guess what she wanted to say, but he kept guessing “i love you ” and stuff like that. Esther said no and told him that she wanted to be his student. Then Bobby told her he can’t accept her since she made him lose his fish balls to someone else. Esther was like I will give you fish balls from “lung pou”. Bobby didn’t want her fish balls and told her once “lung pou” stall has the long line he would accept her as his student.


Esther started to make the fish balls. The first try, the fish balls weren’t hot at all, so they added the garlic hot sauce and they added a lot. They tried it again and it was burning their tongue like heck. They kept asking Bobby’s student to tell them what they can put it in to make it less hot. He told them he can’t tell since its not right. Back at his house, Bobby tasted the garlic sauce and told his student that it was crap and prepared some of the ingredients for garlic sauce and he was going to make it.

Bobby gave Esther a pot of fish ball but he tricked her and something pop up. His student said sorry and handed her the real sauce that they wanted her to try. Esther tasted it and started to wonder why its so good and how it keeps a person wanting more of it. When Esther was trying to make the sauce again Bobby was sitting there drinking his coffee, saying how good the coffee is. The waitress spilled the coffee into the garlic and Esther remember what Bobby said about the coffee when he was drinking it at first.Then Bobby and his student saw how long the line was for “lung pao” fish ball stall.

Esther told Louis that she will win him in the challenge. It was Esther’s first lesson from Bobby and he told her to “rely on yourself” The resturant challenge dish was garlic chicken with rice. Lydia wanted Bobby to help her but he didn’t want to help. Esther made all these dishes and everyone said it was super good and Bobby student tried one dish and said it was the grossest thing he ever ate. Esther told him that dish was from their restaurant. Bobby told them not to use iced chicken and told them to use the leg of the chicken too. He also told them that choosing the chicken needs to have the right “feel” to it.

Maggie promised Louis’s boss that she would give his restaurant 5 stars for 8 months if he gives the key to Louis house to her. Maggie went into his house and started to film the house. Louis and his student came back home and his boss tried to stop them from going into the house., but he failed. Once inside the house Maggie tired to escape but she can’t cause Louis and his student kept walking around. Finally she found a way to escape and Maggie slammed the door as she left and slammed it on Louis hand and they went to the hospital.

Esther tried to make his chicken again, and once again everyone said it was good, but it was a lie. Bobby brought her into the country area to get some chicken. They went over to Bobby’s old maid and driver house and looked for some chicken there. There was a difference between the chicken from the country then the ones at the city and there was a big “feel” to it. Bobby’s old maid and driver also told Esther a bit about Bobby’s past.

Maggie went to “Queen Rose” and gave a little gift to Louis to say sorry for the accident. Louis told her that he didn’t want to see her anymore. Louis boss told him to let Maggie help him do some stuff around, in a way to say sorry and cause he shouldn’t move his hand around. When Maggie was cleaning his house a guest came and drop down gifts for Louis for helping him. 

The guy told him that his dad used to be homeless. He would go get food in the garbage from “chu sun” cooking. “chu sun” found out and told him that he should start over and make a new business and if he wanted to eat his food again, that he would go into the restaurant and eat it not in the alleyway. He also told him that if he finds him out there eating again, he would release dogs and cats to bite him. Then the guy’s dad  told “chu sun” that one day he would make so much money he is going to buy the restaurant and make him make food for him everyday. 

 The guy looked around the house and found a picture and thought it was “chu sun” brother. Margie said no this is “chu sun” himself.  The guy said its not possible the guy in the picture is just 20 something and “chu sun” is suppose to be around 40 now. From what his dad said, “chu sun” should be almost bald and fat.Maggie thought it was impossible because all her research said that Louis was “chu sun” so she went to “mei wong” and asked him if Louis is “chu sun”

Maggie ask Louis if he was “chu sun”. The old man told Maggie that the day that “chu sun” was in the competition  Louis was spotted with his girlfriend at dinner and then afterwards they went to go watch a movie. Maggie now understand that Louis is not “chu sun”

Bobby tasted the chicken that Esther made. Esther asked him it it was gross. Bobby told her that is deadly disgusting. Esther told him that she spent so much time on it and it was impossible so she tried it herself. She couldn’t even bite into it.

Meanwhile Louis and his student went out to get food and they met up with Bobby and his student. Bobby and his student left because he didn’t want to steal Louis idea of buying fruits to soften the chicken. Then at the competition the old guy was tasting the food. They said the spiciness leaves after a while in the mouth.


A Recipe for the Heart Ep. 1

It started out as Paul and Bobby’s cooking match. Paul is Bobby’s master and he lost because Bobby accidently sneezed some pepper over to his dish. This was the first time Paul lost and he rushed out of the building. Then it was 3 years later. Paul is missing and his resturant was given to Esther, someone who can’t cook. They sold part of the resturant to Bobby. Bobby showed up and cooked some food for the people and told Esther that she couldn’t cook.

Now we get to see Louis Koo, he smell something fimilar as his student stepped into the resturant. It was from a toliet paper and he knew it was from the “chu sun”.

Bobby and his student was talking at home while they were cooking noddles. His student was wondering why he still brought the resturant since it had no business and it was going to close down soon. He thought that Bobby did it to prove to himself that he can do it, get a almost out of business resturant back to a well profit resturant. Then he thought of that he brought it for the daughter.

Lydia thought that Bobby brought 51% of the resturant “mei mei yuan” for a reason. She thought he didn’t buy it to invest money but for Esther. She thought Bobbb brought the resturant to get Esther’s heart too. Bobby came to the resturant and straight into the kitchen and won’t let Esther go ino the resturant. The restruant started to have a bit more business after Bobby started to cook.

Esther wonder why she can’t go into the resturant so she went to talk to Bobby. Bobby told her that she was useless to the resturant and told her to give up. Esther went and made soup to prove that she can cook and Bobby tasted a bit and told her that no one would drink this and pour it down the drain. Esther asked him what gives him the write to do that. He said that he is a cook and if she doesn’t believe him they should go ask a restruant reviewer.

Louis’s boss went over to “mei Mei yuan”  in disguise to go see how good their food is and wonder why their business is starting to drop. Lydia thought that the boss was the reviewer but it wasn’t. Maggie was but Lydia thought she was just a customer, and even yelled at her a bit. Maggie gave them a bad review.

 She then wanted to find out with was “chu sun”. She found a business card that said “chu sun” on the back and thought that person was “chu sun”.  She also found out that “chu sun” can make a very good unique soup that needed a fork. Lydia went over to Louis’s resturant and asked for a soup that needed a fork to eat and he made it. Lydia ate it and it was one of the best things she ate. Maggie was there at the same time and she now thought she knew who “chu sun” was. She went over to him and confronted him.  

Louis and Bobby finally encounter each other for the first time. They met on the streets when Bobby was about to eat his rice noddles, Louis bumped into him and made Bobby dropped the plate. Then the people started to run because cops were coming and Louis pushed Bobby into the wall so they can get out of the way. Bobby’s last rice noddle was stuck on the wall and he was sad and the noddle had feelings too. Louis told him that he would pay him back and Bobby said it wasn’t the money’s problem. Louis then told him that he will make him some. They got into a kitchen and Louis made him some and they went out to a park? and sat there talking about food.


 It’s a chairman’s  birthday and he invited some of the top chefs to cook for him.Normally he would have 100 of tables but today its only him. Everyone thought that one of the chefs in the room must be “chu sun” but the chairman said, today he isn’t here because he didn’t invite him for this event. One of the waiters rolled in with a plate of yang chow friend rice and told the chairman that a guy name “gum yut san” made it for him for his birthday. The chairman said that there was meaning to the fried rice. He also told everyone that his company will go into bankruptcy tomorrow. The fried rice gave him a feeling that life has hope, because “chu sun” made it for him once and today he is reminded of that hope.

 Louis runs to go find if he was still there. He went into the kitchen and felt the presence of “chu sun” there moments ago. He also found the spice that “chu sun” used. A spice that will leave an impression on you forever.

Maggie went over to Louis’s resturants to give a review on them. Louis was prepared a plate of seafood fried rice. When Louis left the kitchen, his student went and put some of the spice into the fried rice. Maggie tasted the rice and notice the spice that was put in and she knew that only “chu sun” will put in this spice. She gave the resturant 5 stars.


Lydia then told Esther to make Bobby her master, but she didn’t want to . In the resturant, there was this group of guys that came over because at the other resturant there wasn’t any room for them. The food came to them and they ate it. The guys thought it was the best food they have ate.

Esther wanted to make Bobby her master but Bobby said he couldn’t hear her so then Esther left. Bobby and his student went out and didn’t come back at the resturant for the night shift. Esther and Lydia thought they can do it without them. The guys from lunch came back again demanding the pork chop over rice. The guys told everyone to get that meal too because its the best in the resturant. It came out and it was one the of the worst thing he had tasted. Lydia told him to give them some time to prepared another one. Esther knew she can’t make that good of a pork chop.


Esther bumped into Bobby at the food stalls and she was about to get some fishballs. Bobby told her not to get it because it was bad and then the grandma started to scream at him.