The Seventh Day Review

Finally finished the series. First I got to say, this wasn’t as good as I have thought it would be. Okay, I super loved it and addicted to it in the beginning around the first couple espoisde. Then after maybe 7-8 I just didn’t bother to care anymore. I just lost interest cause maybe I had a great expectations for it and i guess it didn’t really fill it in for me. I do liked this series more than Wasabi Mon Amour, way more. All in all, it was a pretty good series, somewhat disappointing but I enjoy it a bit.

Themesong. I love the song. I thought it was pretty slow and just…slow when I first heard it. It looked like the theme-song took forever, but this grew to me. I love the song, even though the series ended for me about a week ago I still have that song stuck in my head. I like it, its pretty nice and very romantic sounding. I like the soft feeling of the video and I like the name on the video it looks more professional.

Bosco and Natalie. They have the fun kind of relationship. They were both using each other in the beginning but as time goes by they realize that they have feelings for each other, but they don’t let the other party know.  Of course after a while they found out why the other party is with them. Bosco thought Natalie was rich and Natalie thought having a Bosco would help her with more ideas for her picture book. Once Bosco knew about he was being used for a story book he confronted her and they ended on bad terms. Of course after a while things cool down and they finally realized they actually do like each other. Soon later Natalie left for Japan for school and Bosco was with Charmaine Bosco left with Jessie for Japan for a business trip and Bosco was also there to find Natalie again. They found each other and set a dinner date for that night. Bosco went back to Charmaine and lied to her that he was sick and he left to go with Natalie and their date. That night they realized that they do have strong feelings for each other and they spent the night together. Charmaine came into Natalie’s house in the morning and found out what happen. Bosco returned to HK and Natalie moved, and tried to kill all the connection from Bosco. Bosco didn’t give up and he tried to find her. Natalie became pregnant, and Bosco thought it was another guys baby, but it was actually his. Natalie said she didn’t need Bosco, she was wants a carefree life and didn’t want to rely her trust again on him. After she gave birth to their baby, Bosco came to her and told her the rest of the storybook. Natalie got touched and finally accepted him again. What brought brought them back to together was a storybook.

Honestly I don’t like this couple too much. I think their story is alright but I don’t really like them together. Bosco and Natalie paring was just a bit random for me. I thought I can grow into it but I didn’t. They just don’t look that cute and good together to me. They don’t have that LOOK like what Niki and Kevin has. Also, I found that Natalie was a bit annoying in this series, I don’t know why. On the other note, it was fun seeing how Natalie would play around with Bosco and the ways she tried to break up with him.

Kevin and Niki. Niki and Kevin relationship was kind of weird in the beginning. They kind of started to date, but it wasn’t official since Kevin never asked her out or anything which left Niki confused. After a while he did of in a way. Kevin left Nikki for a while and went to Japan to find Selena. Selena was Kevin’s ex and she went to Japan to hide away so no one would know that she was sick. Niki soon went to Japan and tried to find him. During this time, Niki’s health wasn’t that great. Niki found Kevin and Kevin told her about Selena. Her dad found out that she was in Japan and went after her to bring her back. Kevin was still in Japan taking care of Selena. After a while he returned and they broke up. Niki didn’t want Kevin to be all heartbroken if she is never healed, and die. Kevin didn’t mind, they got back together and got married soon after. They also had a little girl born on the same day as Bosco and Natalie’s baby. Niki did the surgery to fight off her cancer and she recovered. But Niki dies five years later. What  brought them back together was the ring that Kevin promised to give her as their relationship progress.

I love this couple, honestly who won’t though. I thought their relationship was a bit draggy but I guess its a bit bearable. I love their ending, I thought that if Niki  didn’t die it won’t be that good to me. I thought that she die may it a little better. I loved how Kevin loves Niki. He is like this big tough cool guy that can actually love someone so much. I think its really cute. I thought that they have more of a tragic story to their love story, but it wasn’t that much of a tragic. I wish it was a tragic love story, it would have been a deeper story.Memorable one too.

I love the gangs that Bosco and Natalie had. It looks so clique but its cool. It is like this little crew that hangs out and do whatever.  I love the people in those little crew too. I like Charmaine and Elanie in Natalie’s crew. I always loved Charmaine every since I first saw her in Sunshine Heartbeat. I love her cuteness and her smile. She is just very likeable. I love Elaine too, every since her evil role in Revolving Doors of Vengeance I thought she was a pretty good actress, i just didn’t like her role, that made me dislike her a bit. I like Eddie, Sam and Joel in Bosco’s crew. They are pretty great and funny together. I think Eddie is pretty good looking too. These crews remind me of school. We have the girls that hang out and gossip all the time and the  guys that play around all the time. I noticed that most of the people in these crews were from Sunshine Heartbeat series.

I love all 4 of the main cast members. They are great together. Kevin and Niki has the best chemestiry together. I love each of them. Natalie did an amazing job, she is a good bubbly, happy character. Bosco is amazing with his fun and serious scenes. Niki is so pretty and Natalie is pretty cute. Both Kevin and Bosco is pretty hot in this series.

All in all, i pretty much love this series, pretty good even though I don’t love all of the episode.I only love a couple of them though. This is a good romantic series, its not for the ones that want action a bit or likes to think a little bit about a series. This is just a nice carefree series, and if you like those you should watch it. I am not sure if its better than Under Canopy of Love, because its really hard to compare it right now.


p.s some of the screen caps were from cx839


What I Liked About: The Seventh Day

So far I watched up to epsiode 16 in The Seventh Day. This is a really good series. I think this is the best so far this year in 2008, for me at least. There was many things that I liked about this series, and little dislikes.

The dog Jack. He is so cute and obedient. Its like he is almost human, he does everything that Niki says. I wonder if it took long to film his scenes since he is a dog, and he had to nail it just right. I love the chemistry that the dog has with Niki and Kevin. We have seen him a lot in the first couple esp, and then it was less and less scene from him afterwards, at least that is what it looks like from me.

Bosco. I love him in this series. I like is hair too. Its better than his hair in WOIL II. I really like him here, he is funny and cute as always but I like his ambition to be rich. In general I think he looks better in this series. But his acting haven’t really changed for a while.

The soft feeling and the scenery. I am not sure if you can tell or not but when I watch TSD, there is this soft feeling to the pictures. It makes it look more I guess romantic and soft feel to the series. I like it though it gives out a fairytale story thing to it. The scenery is pretty awesome too. I love the Japan scenery, where there was snow and everything its pretty.

The Comic Book. I guess this series is kind of from a guy writing out this story book about them that is why there is story book animation there. I think its really cute, its like looking through a real storybook. I like the little drawings around it, its like looking through a scrapbook. This adds another cute factor to The Seventh Day.

Kevin & Niki. They are cute together, and I like seeing them together cause you can tell that Kevin really does like Niki even if he doesn’t show it that much. I love their chemistry, its very convincing to see them as a couple, they just look so good together.