Its been year since I last did anything on here. Ever since I took a break from this blog, my break from TVB also happened. Nothing seemed interesting to watch anymore. In the past few months, schools was a bit easier since I was closer to graduation and I picked TVB back up. I am hoping that I will stick around for a while.

On what I am watching now…

I picked it up last week & I quite enjoy this sitcom. I am currently on episode 20. It’s funny & light. I guess the stronger cast makes it more appealing. I am in love with the relationship of Teresa Mo and Chang Tse-Sheng. They are just too adorable together. I just don’t see how they will break up.

The Season of Fate

What I finished…

Mysteries of Love.
I was hooked on this series from the beginning. I think the biggest reason why I loved this series was because of the cases. I liked seeing how Raymond solved each case.

Burning Flame III.
Hmm… I didn’t like it, but I did like the relationship between Amiee and Bosco. I think the acting of the overall cast was not great.

The Beauty of the Game
I quite enjoyed this series also.  It was nice to see how the entertainment business was portrayed in this series.

I will be writing on some of this series soon :]