These are the Moments…Showtime Blues [I]

These are the moment that makes you smile, make you laugh or make you cry. These are the little things that make you enjoy the series a little more. These are the moments in life.

#1 Wayne & Florence

They both got to the side of their car and their boss called them for a meeting. Wayne said he will be there in 10 minutes, but then Florence said she will be there in 5 minutes. They both started the engine and raced. Then when they both reached the opening to the turn to the other floor together and neither of the car can get through.

Florence: Hey why are you “ding” my car?
Wayne:Yes I am “dinging” you.
Florence: I “ding” you too.

Wayne got out of the car and Florence followed him but she couldn’t get out of her car because there was little room and her butt was too big.

Wayne: The car also “ding” you. I told you not to make it that big.

Florence finally slide out and Wayne started to run.

#2 Wayne & Florence

They had been bickering about their bet and how Wayne’s doesn’t want to do it in the elevator. When it was Wayne’s floor he got out and went into his condo.

Wayne: Such a bitch. Stupid girl. a real bitch

Wayne got the glass dog with Florence’s face tape onto it and he start to hit it. Then he gave a call to Florence.

Wayne: Even if my horse doesn’t go to the gate, your china boy getting the ‘new star award’ is impossible tell him to get a piece of crap
Florence: You lost, music industry isn’t your thing anymore. Why do you care if my kid has the award later.

A banging noise started to appear.

Florence: Hey what is that sound. What are you doing downstairs?
Wayne: I am “dinging” you right now.

Wayne hangs up the phone and kept hitting his roof with his wood stick. Florence, then, grab a bowling ball and started to drop it onto the floor. After a while Wayne lost most of his electricity and he hit himself with the wood.