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Off Pedder…Episode 15

I think this episode has got to be my favorite episode of all time since Off Pedder began airing. I like this episode because I like how they focus on Teresa’s shopping problem. I think this is a common thing for a lot of girls, to buy things and its uncontrollable.

It all began in George’s bar. The workers from Chiu Magazine came over to have a drink and talked to him, when he gave them a 20% discount every time they went. Then¬†Ivy went to talk to him in private telling him not to give all these outrageous discounts to people. Then they talked about changing the stereos in the bar. Ivy then talked to him about not wasting these money on these stupid things and that the bar isn’t even making money. Then George told her that new stereos would enhance their business, when looking around no one cares about what are they listening to through the speakers. A waitress came over to them and said that a customer wanted fish ball. Ivy volunteer to get them for the customer.

After getting the fish balls, Ivy started to make her way back to the bar, but was stopped when she saw a necklace display on the window. She went into the shop and brought the necklace. After buying that necklace she went shopping, looking for pants,bags, jackets, shirts and shoes to match the new necklace that she just bought.
When she got back home George questioned her how much money she spent just to get the fish-ball. Then she explained herself that she saw the necklace she wanted for so long and it was on sale so she had to have it. Then she had to go shopping to get some clothes to match the necklace she brought spending in total of $8,000. Then George talked to her about her wasting so much money.

Then they went to Ivy’s closet, calling it a warehouse. The maid took out clothes that she only wore once, and clothes that she brought the same things in different color. George kept telling her that she had a disease of being a material person, that she has to buy stuff every day. Ivy bet that she can live one $100 a day for 3 days, if she lose, she will changed all the speakers and stereo at the bar but if she wins, Geroge can’t ask her for money for 3 months.

The next morning Ivy was going to work with Yan. She put on a eye cover so she won’t see all the shops that she would be passing by on the way to work. She had to smell some medicated oil because she can’t smell leather cause she would think of the leather purses. All of a sudden the car broke down.

The car broke down in front of a store and Yan got out to get on the car. Ivy took off her cover and saw the store in front of her also seeing the mannequins trying to lure her into the store.

When Yan finished looking into the car, he didn’t see Ivy in his car anymore and notice she went into the store that was in front of them. Inside the shop, Ivy reserve all these purses for 3 days. Then she saw this purse that another lady wanted and they started to fight for it. Ivy took out her wallet and see that she had no money. That is when Yan finally got in and she asked him for money so she can buy the bag before the other lady can. Yan tried to stop her and succeeded as the other lady brought the purse.

At the meeting at the magazine, Gary wanted to research and do a story with an Italian brand. Yan stepped out of the room to get drinks for everyone and Ivy told Gary that she would to the story and she also asked them to lend her some money. Yan came back and told them not to lend her any money.

Ivy told her that she couldn’t take it anymore, there are too much sales around. Yan kept encouraging her that she can do it and she is strong enough to pass these 3 days without buying anything. He also told her that even her dad doesn’t believe that she can do it. He promised that he would help her make it through walking down the street full of shops.

Yan brought Ivy into the streets of Central where all the shops were closed already. She saw that there was a bus stop that had always been there but she didn’t pay attention to because she was too busy shopping. Ivy also felt as if the streets were wider. Then she questioned Yan about him having something that he really wanted but he can’t, leaving this fire inside of him.
The flashback played when they were young at a toy store. Ivy told him to ask the 3 questions before buying something that he wanted.

The next morning, Ivy bravely walked through the streets of Central with the shops all open, to prove to Yan she can do it. She remember the 3 questions before buying something she wanted, then she asked herself that question when looking at the displays on the window, making it a breeze to go to work that day.

Yim Hei came over to Ivy telling her that she should go to Double V’s headquarters for a story. She pushed the invitations to Paula and Gary, but they can’t go because of what they were wearing right now. Yan pushed the invitation back to Ivy that she was the only one that can go. Yan gave her back her credit cards and told her that she can do it today even if it is her favorite brand.

Back at the house, George and Yan were talking about how it was so stupid for Yan to give the cards back to Ivy. She will let go of those cards and will swipe it until she can’t anymore. Yan told him, that he knew her and she won’t do that.

Ivy finally came home with nothing in her hands. George was surprise and Yan was happy that she did it. George had to call to cancel his order for the speakers and stereos for his bar. She said that everything was 30% off but she thought about it with the 3 questions and said even it it was 50% off she won’t buy it. Later the door rang with a delivery guy with bags from Double V. George call and said he will order his speakers for his bar.

Ivy said that their CEO gave her 70% off everything at Double V so she couldn’t resist but to get all these things.

I like this episode because I can totally relate to Ivy. We are both very materialistic person and we just have to spend money on things we don’t need. For a period of time, I had to buy a lot of things just simply because I wanted to and half the time I didn’t even use it or wear it. Shopping is sometimes uncontrollable especially with a credit card in hand. I am not that uncontrollable these days when it comes to shopping because I¬†TRY to¬†set a limit these days thinking about if I am going to ever wear this certain top or shoes soon and for what occasion. It does take a lot of self-control.I am pretty sure a lot of girls has this same problem as I had before and I liked how Off Pedder showed this problem in one of their episodes.

Off Pedder Intial Thoughts [I]

The new Best Selling Secret with addition cast. I was excited when it first air and I couldn’t wait to see how this sitcom would work out for me, since I did like Best Selling Secret. As I watched more episodes, I don’t know whether I should keep watching or just stop.. until I hear it gets good again. (something that I did with Best Selling Secret). The five main reasons why I am watching this series is 1. Elvina Kong 2. Elvina and Tsui Wing relationship in this series. 3.¬†I wanted to see who really was Teresa Mo¬†4. Florence & Stephen 5. Just because this is a different version onBSS.

* Note: I only watched up to espiode 15, before typing this post.

This really lives up to being the Best Selling Secret II. The storyline is so similar.¬†Unlike, advertisement,¬†Off¬†Pedder is about a magazine with two heads¬†fighting against each other. These two heads, is Elaine and Teresa, just like Elvina and¬†Esther in BSS. Elaine is more like Elvina as Teresa was more like Esther, a carefree, fun boss that didn’t want to start this war in the first place. The setting of the office is pretty much the same too, with the two divisions completely split in half. Also they are always, eating, sleeping and just gossipping around the office area. I like how the are together again in the office, just like BSS, a big family. In Off Pedder it seemed like its a little smaller since most of the girls from BSS is not in here. I have a feeling I might give up soon on this series, just because I don’t want to chase after a 20 minute a day series for …one year. That is just too much. I might just watch the episodes that involve Wong Cho Lam, Aimee Chan, Tsui Wing, Elvina Kong,Teresa Mo, Stephen Au, Florence Kwok, and Wayne Lai.

You can also tell who really gain more screen-time from BSS and who’s screen-time really lessen. In my perspective, it feels like Elaine Kin & Tsui Wing really gained screen time as Elvina Kong lessen. Also where is Florence, Stephen, and Wayne. I guess it is kind of too early to tell who is really the main characters in this series. Hopefully, Florence, Stephen and Wayne would appear soon.

I feel as if Elvina got less screentime. Most of her screentime were just couple of lines and everytime I see her, she is right next to Joyce. Its too early to tell whether she would have a significant role in Off Pedder, but I hope she does since one of the reason why I am watching Off Pedder is because of her. I don’t really like her character as Gam Yuk Kin though, maybe its because I am not use to it. I was used to the high class, formally dress to work Elvina, not the casual chic look of her. Dude, this chick has so many pairs of glasses. It kind of makes me want to get some even though I don’t wear glasses.

I really like Teresa. I didn’t know I would like her that much. Her character reminds me of who other then Esther’s, Wong Ka Nam. The nice, carefree, friendly one. She is kinda funny too, at some moments. She is also pretty for her age. ¬†I can’t believe I grew to liking her so fast. I am excited to get to know about her a little more and to watch some of her movies and watch her as the main character in Off Pedder. I just hope she doesn’t leave in the middle of the series. I also wonder who she is going to pair with.

Tsui Wing, has a lot of screen time here, he appeared in every episode, and most of those episodes that I have already watched, is somehow based on him or he has a big role in it. This somehow reminded me of Stephen’s character in BSS, where in the beginning its mostly focus on him and his life.¬† I feel like he had a big promotion from his character in BSS, since he is more focus now and has a lot of scenes with Teresa.

It seems like Teresa and Tsui Wing is the star of the show. I thought HorB was going to be the main lead, but he doesn’t even appear in more than 2-3 episodes out of the 15¬†I have watched. I have a feeling that they might pair up. In a way I know they won’t pair up just because it seems like Yun Shueng is very independent and she seems like she only treats him as a little brother. On the other hand, it seems like Kwok Yen cared for her a little more than that older sister thing. Just saying.. I kind of want to them get together to see how it might work out. In a way I don’t because it would be too much of that brother and sister love,instead of real love. ¬†Also of course, there are many people that want Tsui Wing with Elvina again, which from what¬†I heard, their storyline will explain a lot in around the 100 esp.

So far I have 3 favorite epsoides, 2 consisted of Elvina and Tusi Wing.

I always wonder how they will become enemies. I thought it was through their bosses but after a while it seemed as if they didn’t really cared for their bosses battle and was friendly with each other. This episode is pretty cute since there was a lot of scenes between BaoYen & Yuk Kin. Its funny how he tried to help her with her boyfriend problems and he helped her boyfriend with his girlfriend problems. It was pretty funny in the end when they found out what happen. It’s funny how her boyfriend is so stupid in rattling Bao Kwok Yen out. Just when they were friendly with each other, it turn into hatred. It’s okay because hate can turn back into love very easily.

This episode reminds me not to talk to strangers on-line, and especially not to met them in the real world. This is a very typical problem this world has today. Guys getting all sweet and making the girl come meet him and the next thing you know something else happen. I think this episode was pretty cute in that BaoYen was trying to get all sweet while talking to Yuk Kin. After she realized the truth behind the computer and that she was humiliated through the magazine, her hate for him worsen. I thought that Bao Yen was suppose to dislike her too, from earlier news that I have read about their relationship. I guess after this episode, it is only a one sided hate.


My most favorite episode so far in Off Pedder has to 15. I will do a separate post for this episode.


All in all, this is a pretty alright sitcom. I still do like Best Selling Secretbetter, just because I thought each role was fit perfectly and that the people had more screen time deserves it. Don’t get me wrong I do like Tsui Wing and Teresa, its just that I don’t really like how Elaine is getting the spotlight right now. I am also kind of sick of the office fighting thing between two boss, seriously better drama can come up in office scenarios. Also I thought Best Selling Secret seemed friendly unlike Off Pedder. There is just something not that inviting with Off Pedder, I just don’t know what that thing is right now. Other than that I guess I will only watch the episode that looks interesting that revolves around the characters that I cared about until I feel like chasing all these episodes.