I Spy…Best Selling Secret cast in Love Guaranteed

This was my second time watching this series. The first time was back in the summer of 2006, when it came out. This time watching it I spied something. I saw many Best Selling Secret cast and extras in LG. For some reason i just kept seeing one after another.

Tusi Wing. I think he was the first person I notice. I was like wow hey that is Kau Chun. In LG, he played one of Kenneth Ma friends which is also a shareholder to the bar. He rarely appears on screen though. In BSS, he is one of the main characters.

I like both of her characters, but I like the Best Selling Secret one more since she acts way more mature in that one. In LG, he was Sunny’s ex and an actress that got tricked insurance money from her boyfriend.

He was a “kidnapper” in LG but in Best Selling Secret he just acts as a player and one i guess “cast” of BSS since he got some esp focus on him.

Looks the same except for the glasses. In LG, he was Melissa’s boyfriend but he cheated on her. In BSS, he was chasing after Esther. He only appeared in one episode in BSS.

The hair is totally different. Of course I like the LG version of her. She looks better without that straighten hair and bang look. I like her character more in LG than in BSS. In LG, she was Paul Chan enemy and the mother of Cherie. In BSS, she was the mother of Alvina, and a girlfriend to Skek for a while

Look pretty different to me. In LG she only had couple minute of screen time. She looks much more older in Best Selling Secret, I think I like her look more in LG. She played as one of Sunny’s co workers in LG, in BSS she is just a staff in Xing.

He looks exactly the same.  He played Sunny’s boss, or his teacher in LG. In BSS, he is the assistant to the head boss of Yin’s Group.

The only difference really is the hair and the skin tone. I prefer the darker and shorter hair version of him. In LG, his is the boss of the insurance company and in BSS he is just a cook at a canteen who is in a relationship with Esther’s mother in law.

Sunny Chan. I like his hair more in LG, then in BSS. I wish he would appear more in BSS thought but that is unlikely to happen.

Looks like Love guaranteed included a lot of characters that BSS had. Haha, I guess after watching Best Selling Secret for so long it makes all the extras extra noticeable in other TVB series. More screen time, more you will get notice. Best Selling Secret was the thing for these extras. By the way I notice a lot of them in D.I.E too. 😀 but I don’t think I will do a post on them in D.I.E. Who knows maybe I will if I get the time.



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