A Year in Review: 2008

2008 brought us many great series. Many comeback starts, many rising stars and many new stars. Many sequels, many new series and even some outstanding ones.

Top 10:
10. Catch Me Now

This was a great series but it failed to make it high on my list. It had a very nice storyline and it was a police/crime story ahead of its time. It was awesome seeing the gadgets and the way Damian gets out of his crime. It also brought me to love Johnson Lee a little more and founded an actress that I like now Koni Liu. Fala Chen is also very pretty and outstanding in this series as Joe’s wife. The chemisty between Joe and Damian was pretty nice in working together even though they have 2 different standings. The ending was pretty great too, with 2 endings.

9. Your Class or Mine

I got to say that I quite enjoyed this series. I like the chemistry between everyone in the cast. I especially love Sharon and Bobby together. They are pretty cute when they had scenes together. The “kiddos” in this series weren’t that bad either. They are actually pretty good actors, considering that they are pretty much new. The storyline was great and can be relate-able to a lot of kids (like myself) struggling with sports and school at the same time.  I think I would like to re-watch this series again one day, since in the beginning I didn’t really pay attention in the beginning of the series.

8. A Journey Called Life

I think this was one of the best inspirational series out there. It was kind of ironic how it talks about life and making it through life when they have a business to crave tombstones. Linda’s performance was amazing as a rebel/bad girl, it got me ready for her other series Gem of Life. Of course her relationship with Steven was just too cute too. Other then Linda, Fala Chen had a nice performance too, it was a pity that she had to die off.

7. D.I.E

For the longest time, I thought that D.I.E would be a very high rated series for me,also thinking that only Moonlight Resonance could beat this out of first place. I was wrong, better series came on through the next couple of months after the airing of D.I.Ethat totally beat it down into 7thplace. With a creative storyline and concept, this was very much a new kind of series that was opened up in 2008. This series also brought me to be a fan of Margie Tsang and a stable fan of Derek Kwok. I can’t wait to watch D.I.E II but is sad because Margie won’t be in this one.

6. Moonlight Resonance

A lot of people might have Moonlight as number one this year or even at their top 3 if not even their top 5. I placed it near the bottom of my top ten for many reasons. Even though I was hooked onto this series, I didn’t felt as if it was good as Heart of Greed. I felt the surprise left me because I know this series will have a good ending. Along with that, their love stories were draggy and not expand enough. For example, the Bosco-Linda-Raymond issue was really draggy, it got me to a point where I didn’t care who she ended up with and Tavia and Moses was a couple that didn’t have much focus on especially on how they even got together. Even though I like the concept of moon-cake and family, this series wasn’t good enough for me. This might even be a series that I might not watch again since it is pretty long.

5. Best Selling Secret

I was glad that I did picked up this series late 2007. It wasn’t that bad after all and it made a very high ranking in my 2008 list. It was maybe Esther’s only series for a while but it was one of the best. Her love story with Geoffrey was a memorable one. It was cute and love-able and it just wanted viewers and me to get them together already. This was satisfied by the time Esther left BSS. This series also brought out the Elvina-Tsui Wing match and Florence -Stephen match, which left the viewer satisfied after Esther’s leave. Even though this series wasn’t exactly funny or dramatic, it was pretty much of a good series to lay back to watch. I will definitely re-watch this series one day.

4. Forensic Heros II

I remember rushing back to the hotel/house just to watch this series when I was in HK/China. I remember during its finale, I was staying at Disneyland and I was suppose to go get something to eat but I didn’t until very late, cause I wanted to finish watching this special hour for this series. In the beginning it was pretty boring and my expectations for Linda’s death wasn’t reached so I was disappointed. Near the end the series was much more interesting, with the dramatic cases and the storyline between Charmaine and Kevin, it kept me wanting more.

3. Silver Chamber of Sorrow

I wasn’t expecting this series to be so good. I picked it up after watching their 6th episode, cause after that I didn’t know how I was going to let this series go. It was like a different version of War and Beauty(something magnificent as well). I loved the fighting, the bickering the hatred with everyone. I especially loved Christine’s character. She was so innocent at first, but after finding out how she was tricked into this marriage of someone she doesn’t love, made her a bit evil. It was great watching her and Ng Wai Kwok scenes together, ‘an almost lover’ love story. The ending was great and unexpected to see how Christine lived through the fire. With the majestic theme song, captivating storyline and a period where woman has no standing, this series should have been promoted just a little more.

2. Last One Standing

An outstanding series of its time. It almost felt like as it this series was our modern day Secret of the Heart or like Cold Blood Warm Heart. Both Roger and Kevin did amazing in this series, but still unable to grab any awards due to the hype on Moonlight Resonance. This series had a different ending unlike a lot of normal typical series, this ending didn’t have a conclusion to Roger. I think that this series can be the most unrated series of all time. Honestly, I felt as if this series could have taken away a lot of things from Moonlight Resonance, but due to the fact that Moonlight really had to take most of the awards, Last One Standing was swept away in a little corner without any attention to it. If only this series had aired later, maybe in 2009, this series would have been a blockbuster at the awards.

1. When Easterly Shadows Fall on the Sunny West

Surprise Surprise. As I was thinking about writing the end of the year review a month ago, I never expected WESFOTSW would take the title as #1. I wouldn’t have even touch this series, if it wasn’t for bad engknowlegdement of Joe being within 20 miles of me each day. I needed to watch this series, on how I could have met him while he was filming…sigh. Other than that pity story, this series was pretty good in that I felt as if it was something different. It was different in the case that even though Joe did turn astray, he didn’t fall completely, he still had a son and the woman he loved in the end, which was a nice ending. I also didn’t expect so many people to die, which was a plus for the dramatic factor. It was nice to see how Joe falls every time someone dies. Which this also lead me to think, did everything that Joe did, was it because he wanted power or was it to please his family name and the title of being the head of the house. Sadly this series wasn’t a high rated one due to our economic times, but I believed that this series is pretty good, something definitely worth re-watching again.

Series that didn’t quite make it:

A series that I didn’t really care too much about. There was hype but I didn’t think it was all that great. Bosco hairstyle was very ugly in this series and it didn’t match him at all. All in all though this series was pretty cute and it was nice how they focused on magizine and the world of fashion. I think this might be a series that I would rewatch again.

I am still wondering why Gallen would do this series. It was cute and fun series but it is still somewhat pointless in its storyline. I guess it was still pretty much fun to watch this series with most of my favorite actors and actresses in it, and with my newly love actress Margie. 🙂

I was hooked onto this series from episode one. I guess it was the mystery of the deaths that got me hooked and that it was Michael Miu here 😀 As this series progress, it was exciting but in the end after looking back at this series I didn’t find it that great. It was not too extreme dramatic storyline but it was good enough to keep viewers watching and guessing.

It was sad, it was cute, it was funny and it was heartbreaking. Seventh day was a very nice modern love story about 2 couples. I liked how it had a storybook design and I liked the concept of the whole series.  Even though I felt like this was a fresh series, I felt that  it was pretty boring. In a way it kinda got repetitive. Getting back together, breaking up, getting back together. In the middle of the series I actually skipped many episode, due to its boring storyline. Overall I liked the pairing of Niki and Kevin, they are just too cute. For me re-watching this series, I am still iffy on it, since it was pretty boring but it was pretty cute.

Series that I didn’t watched:

I don’t know how many people that I told, saying I would watch this series by the time my summer vacationends. It never exactly happen. I have watched clips and bits of it and even got to watch the second half of the ending. I heard many praises and many non praises of this series, which left me wondering if I should watch it or not. After about debating for a month and leaving it alone. I think this series would be left alone forever. I don’t think I would have the energy to actually watch a series about a topic, I honestly don’t care about.

This series was airing a week before finals and with my trip to New York, and airing at the mid spot of the night when I was in HK /China. I just didn’t have time to watch it. I think I have only watched about 5 minutes in HK, when I was at dinner, just before we left the resturant. I don’t really plan on watching this series …anytime soon at least since it doesn’t look too interesting to me. Who knows maybe I will pick it up soon, but I highly doubt it.

Another series that was air when I was in HK/China, during the timeslot when I was going back to the house/hotel so I wasn’t able to watch this series. I only watched about 10 minute one time and that was it. I told myself that I will watch this series this winter break, but for my busy scheduele, I wasn’t able to pick it up. I do hope I get to watch this series soon because even looking at Kate and Ken’s pictures together I find this a very cute series already.

I have watch many bits and pieces of it when it was playing in my living room cause my dad was watching it. I quite like it but I never just picked it up since I didn’t have time and that kung-fu/police ancient series aren’t my type of thing to watch. I am pretty sure that I would pick up this series again since I do like the plot and from what I seen, it was pretty good.

I don’t think I will ever watch this series due to my lack of interest in fantasy,even though I like Sunny, Linda, and Benny.

As much as I liked the first gentle crackdown. Sunny and Wayne can’t pull me in  to watch this series. I just didn’t want to watch it cause my lack of interest in the storyline.

Another series that was airing when I was in HK on saturdays. I have watched snippets of it and I did enjoy those couple of mintues of it. I think I will picked up this series once I get the time. I like all these schooling mini-series, like their previous Heart of Fencing and Sunshine Heartbeat.

Dislike series:

This is one of the series that I didn’t like this year. It was also the first series that I wrote in this blog. One factor that lead to that was Louisa character bugged me a lot. The way she used people and everything disgusted me and the series in whole. I didn’t like how the series portray out the storyline withJapanese food as the center of attention with a character like Louisa. I felt like it didn’t match and the storyline was very boring to me. The things I did like about it was that character pairing.

Series that wasn’t finish airing in 2008😦 since it wasn’t finish in 2008 I won’t be judging them or talking about them until 2009 review)
Off Pedder,Pages of Treasures, The Gem of Life


Love Exchange Thoughts

I was really hype with the series when it first air. I remember watching the first episode in Hong Kong in my hotel room and I just wanted more of the series right from there but watching the second episode and then the third.. my hype for it fade and it was just an alright series for me then. Around the middle episodes I got tired and bored of it.

 I was pretty excited to see Michael again since I love him and I haven’t really seen him since Drive of Life. I love how Michael play the dumb dude in the beginning. It was just too cute when he was trying to talk and act. As much as I love seeing him in the plaid shirt, I like it better when he wore suits when he changed back to the bodyguard image. I love his character just because it showed that he actually loved his wife very much. He was always crying and all sad about her. I felt bad for him everytime he found new information regarding his wife’s death. I think its pretty amazing how he was depressed and so sad for so long. His character is both weak and strong, which I like very much.


Anita Yuen. I don’t remember what series I lasted seen her in or if I ever saw her at all. Well anyways, I guess her acting is alright also, kinda stiff in some ways , to me at least. Her expression is always this look that she has. haha. Maybe its because she just came back to acting, who knows. Her character is so naive to a point where it pissed me off at times. She thinks everything is so simple. I hated how she was so nosy about Crystal’s life when she just wanted to be left alone. There is just something that bugs me about the way she talks to people. Then again I am a bit weird, maybe its her character that bugs me. I have to see more of her works before I can really judge on her acting I guess. But all in all, I do like her and I hope she acts in more series in the future.

After seeing Crystal in her last series, Phoenix Rising, I was excited to see her role here. I am glad her relationship with her mom patched up and was able to be with her in her finally days, without regret. I like her personality also. I really like how she doesn’t care if she had a status or not with Power, as long as they can be together. I like her strong character also. I also like Crystal’s acting. I think she can really act,she can smile, laugh, cry. It’s all great. She fitted her character perfectly. I hope to see more of her soon.

Power Chan. From the moment I saw him, I felt like he had a secret that might lead to the death of Anita and Michael’s spouse. There is just something about his character, I guess. Also cause he is somewhat always the bad guy in series. His character is very cunning, in making people believe him. Wicked too for trying to kill Crystal near the end. I don’t have much to say about him.

Tracy Ip as Sophie. I think this the first time I am seeing her in a series. I guess she is pretty ok for a new person. As for her character, I thought she was very innocent. Even though I don’t care much about her relationship with Power and wanted Power to divorced some day for Crystal, I felt that every time I see her again after Power and Crystal together I feel so sorry for her. There is just something about her that made me feel so bad for her. Something that bug me was that she was taller than Power. It made it awkward looking for me. Don’t get me wrong I don’t really mind the girl being taller but the thing is that she was just a little taller than him all the time. It is just weird seeing her head pop like an inch. I am just weird. =p


I always thought from the beginning Michael and Anita would be a couple along the way , but I guess not. I thought that when they were trying to find out what happen with their spouses they would also find out they love each other also. Of course that happen, but the love is more of the friendly version of love. I am actually glad that they didn’t get together. Michael’s love for Angela was so strong that if he did go ahead and be with Anita, it would make me wonder how he moved on that quick, since he has been practically crying about it for months. I was pretty glad that they end up as friends.

Power Chan and Crystal Lin relationship is very cute. When I first saw them together, for some reason I didn’t blame them on being together behind Tracy. I like how Crystal wasn’t that evil mistress until that point where she did became evil. I found fun and cute together. They didn’t really expect much of each other, they were just there to be with each other every now and then. Crystal didn’t want much from him except his love so he didn’t have to leave his wife. I really supported this couple up to the point where it started to hurt Tracy. I hated when Crystal tired to make Sophie jealous.

 The story in general is cool, trying to find the reason behind their spouses death. I think that this should have been a movie more than a series. The plot is very movie like. I never expected Power to actually be so cunning. When he gave himself in to make it seem like it was his father in law fault was very convincing. I never expected that Crystal also had something to do with it. All along I thought that the murders were linked to one person for revenge or something. To me the outcome was very surprising for me cause what I have guess that would happen didn’t happen.

In the end, I think this series is alright. I found a lot of points draggy, if they didn’t involve talking about the case or some of the love stories in this series. Things like with Anita’s brother, mother, father in law, were quite boring and was a waste of time for me. I thought that their might be more suspense to this series with many twist and turns that will make you go to the edge of your seats. I was wrong. I was only excited about the first episode and the last.

I would give it a 3/5