Favorite Couple #1: Kenix & Michael

Series : Love Bond & Shine on You

I know they been together in that Detective show but I only saw one part and I haven’t seen part 2-3, so I won’t write about them in there until I can finally get my hands on part 2 and 3 vcds or dvds. I saw them in Shine on You first and I love their chemistry on that series and I hecka wanted to see more them together since they only been together for a while and they broke up and yeah.. Then soon , about 2 -3 monthish, I think comes Love Bond to fulfill my addiction of them.

In Shine On You …they both were teachers and started out as friends and slowly began to like each other. Bobby at the time also like Kenix. Michael also just got out of a relationship with Shirley. Then both Michael and Bobby started to chase after Kenix but ultimately Michael won her heart.  She didn’t want Bobby to get hurt so for a while she didn’t tell them her decision but one night Michael told her that he liked her and they got together. They went out together for while and then she found out that he was the guy that didn’t donate his blood(?) to her ex-husband and in the end he died. Kenix thought it was Michael’s fault that he died and they broke up. After they broke up Bobby and Kenix got closer and it showed, but Kenix still loved Michael. One night Bobby and Michael was fighting over Kenix but then she had this stomach pain and they rushed her into the hospital. After Kenix got better she decided to go to Europe. In the plane Bobby appeared and she seem dissapointed but then Michael was behind Bobby and they got back together. That was the end.

I love them together in Shine on You. They were pretty cute couple when they helped each other and stuff. It was cute how they got together too in the rain. They even have a song I think in this series. It played the perfect time when Michael was holding onto Kenix when they were going to the hospital and it played at the airplane before she saw him.

In Love Bond… their story, I think its much better. Kenix started out as not liking Michael, but of course later on their relationship got better. Kenix went out with Moses in the beginning but she started to notice that Michael is a better choice and she was starting to like him more. Michael had feelings for her too but he didn’t want to tell her because he didn’t want to be a third wheel to his brother’s relationship, yet did he know that he was already the third wheel. He finally got the courage and Moses wishes and ask her out. Everything was fine and Michael asked Kenix to married him but then Anne , got back telling Michael that she had his kid. They broke up but they can’t to seem to get over each other. It showed that they really want each other still and in Michael’s heart, Anne was replaced by Kenix long ago. Kenix still loved him so much and couldn’t let him go and he felt the same way.  Anne couldn’t bear to see these sites anymore and told Michael the kid isn’t his and that she was lying or was she.

Anne and Michael broke up and Michael now can get Kenix back. He showed her the that the sun can come up from the other side by showing the reflection of the sun on the mirrors of the building, because she said once they can now only be together if the sun rose up from the other side. She was touched and she actually brought back a sun wall hanging from her trip to hang on the oppoiste side. They got back together and soon later they also got married. Once they got married they got a daughter. Anne came back with the kid to have lunch with Michael, that she said it was her husband, but really it was Michaels. Kenix knew and she thought Michael didn’t know. After the lunch Kenix told Michael that kid was really his. He said he knew when he overheard her and her father talking about it and he also said that he is happy he got a family and a dad that can take care of him. He also said that he is happy to have Kenix by his side and their daughter.

 Overall I love this couple. They are cute together and they look great together. I love their moments both in Shine on You and Love Bond. They just have so many cute scences together and they always look so happy together. They are a good looking couple too. Both of their storylines are pretty good it showed that they care about each other a lot and love each other. In the end they are together and have that happy ending. I don’t really know which storyline I like them more in but I guess I like them more in Love Bond cause they actually been together for a while and we get to see how they got married and have a kid. I also like how they had a deeper story and how they had a harder road to be together.


Note: I haven’t watch these two series in a while , all info is based on memory, feel free to correct me on something that is wrong and I will look into it 😀


Nice & Light : Love Bond

I started a new section called Nice & Light. There are some series in TVB which are rather nice and heartwarming, you can say. You don’t really need to think too much and there isn’t much violence. Its simply series that that you can watch all snuggle up in your warm bed when its cold, if you get what I mean. Just basically, series with light drama.

This series is a perfect example of it. This has drama,  but not drama that involves anything physical fighting. I guess there is fighting but its nothing hardcore.  Most of their drama involves love and family. Not family drama like Heart of Greed, but its still pretty okay to watch. You don’t need to really think too much and try to figure out who is going to do what next cause its pretty laid out for you. Love Bond also gives you a laugh here and there. This series do make you smile and make you feel warm inside =D


Kenix and Michael. Their love thing is pretty interesting, it had its up and down.  I love them in this series. Michael started to like Kenix when she was with his brother and he didn’t want to go in between them because it was his brother. After Kenix and Moses broke up he still didn’t want to be with her because he didn’t want his brother to think that Michael was the third party in their relationship. Then Michael’s ex Anne, came back to tell him that she has his kid and wanted to get married with him. Later Anne told him she was lying and flew back to the States.  Michael and Kenix got together and just after Michael propose to Kenix, Anne step back into the picture. She came back with the baby and said it was Michael’s. Micheal and Kenix separated. Anne said the baby wasn’t his, it was a friend of her and she once again left. This time it was harder for Michael and Kenix to get together, but they did and they got married, and had a little happily ever after story. 

Bernice and Moses. This is the hate to love thing, well kinda. I actually don’t remember how the started, but the thing is that they did and they are cute together. They remind me of the high school couple that will always be playing around with each other , getting onto each other nerves to flirt. Bernice also got pregnant on accident and that is how Moses and Bernice end up getting married. It is very cute to see how at one point they could be fighting and argueing and then the next minute they are all in love and everything.  

 Family.  This series had a lot of family stuff going on. One of them was between the brothers Moses and Michael. Moses left the family when he was young because when the family was moving he was playing and he wander off. Years later they reunited. It seems like Moses is Michael’s favorite of the siblings in this series or maybe because he was responsible for losing him that is why he is so close to him. I don’t know. Also the siblings hated Moses in the beginning and towards the end too, because they thought he came back for the money and that he was going to back-stab them, which wasn’t true. 


This is a nice series to watch when you are sick or bored in the summer or something. By the way some stuff might not be correct with little summary of Michael and Kenix, the Anne part. I did this by what i remember and i am not sure if i remember it right since she came back 2 times and it confused me a bit. feel free to correct me on it. =]