Just Love II. Sunny & Jessica’s Beginning

It happened in epsiode 10. I have to say I love this part the best out of the whole series. As viewers we got to know how they actually started, more in depth then one week together and then getting married with a contract. Jessica and Sunny are so cute in this episode. I have to say their chemistry in this series was way better then the first one.

It seemed as if Sunny and Jessica met, well at least Sunny knew Jessica when they were in elementary school. It was spilled on the night that he was drink and Joyce overheard that he loved her for 20 years and it started back in school. When this was known to her she tried to help Jessica find out about his love for her that lasted that long.

As Jessica went back to her old school, she talked to her old bus driver and they started to talk about Sunny, and how he had a crush on her, but she didn’t knew. She wanted to know more of this boy. When she went back home, she looked through her old yearbook she realized that there Sunny was her old classmate, and founded out his nick name which is also the same as the nick name of the boy that had a crush on her.

When Jessica was sad about her report card, Sunny drew a happy face on a ball and threw it over to her. This cheered her up and Sunny watched her smile from a distance.

It also seemed as if Sunny got his nickname, from getting hurt all the time when he was secretly watching Jessica. He hurted himself by bumping into things as he hide from her. Throughout the year it also seemed as if Sunny was always secretly putting things on her desk and seat, things that were broken, missing, to make her happy. Jessica never knew who knew who did this.

Years later they Sunny recongized her at the ski resort from her name at the front desk but she didn’t know who he was. He started to watch her secretly and one day she looked down and when she left her seat, Sunny drew the happy face on a coaster and placed it on her table before she came back. When she got back she saw it and cheered up.

Of course in the end they made up. Jessica went back home and saw Sunny packing all his stuff, she thought he was really leaving her and told him that she knew how he loved her since they were little. He said that he wasn’t leaving and that she was the only one that he loved.