Healing Hands II Thoughts

Healing Hands 2 runs around the hospitals, telling stories about the doctors that work inside. Doctors are human too as they run through each and everyday trying to save everyone then can. At the end of the day, they are still normal human beings with relationship problems and life problems. They faced happiness and sadness as they are able to save lifes and helplessly lose some, even some of the ones that they loved.

Paul (Lawrence Ng),  which seemed to be one of the bigger focus throughout the series, is like the big brother of all the doctors in this hospital. He is a neurosurgeon, actually a well known one.  He cares for his patients more then anyone else. The reason why he works so hard is so he can maybe one day help his girlfriend wake up from her coma. Paul was an unselfish guy as he helped a lot of his friends through many things. He is one of the characters I felt bad for. Everyone left him, honestly he has the worst luck as most of his friends died in front of him. I pity him as he watched one of his friends die and his girlfriend who was in coma for a long finally left him. He cried and was sad throughout most of the series. I don’t find his character too interesting though. Paul to me is the unromantic boring guy, but he still a pretty good guy. I do like his mature presence over all the “immature” doctors. I am not a fan of Lawrence as I found him more of a serious actor who could play serious roles very well but when it came to being funny or whatnot he is pretty stiff.

Henry (Bowie Lam), is one of the carefree doctors. He is a fun doctor with a playful character. When it came to love, he was clueless as he didn’t know who he really loved. This created the most problem with his life. Besides that he was someone who can’t commit to someone. His mom finally came back and even though he didn’t like the way she acted much, he realized he did care for her and he cherished her days before she died. I really love watching his character. I thought he was pretty funny sometimes as he tried to avoid many situations in his life. Bowie did play out his character very well as I like him playing these carefree guys.

M.C (Moses Chan), who is an egotistic doctor makes his appearance into this hospital as a heart surgeon. He seems like a big shot as he wants to be on the top and be the one that makes the most money. Sometimes he does seem to get a bit selfish. He was at odds with Paul, because as it seemed  to M.C, Paul was trying to gain Tracy’s friendship and liking for something more. When he needed help, Paul was there to help him which ended the cold feelings. Toward the end of the series, he does seem like he does have a heart after all and he doesn’t seem as selfish anymore since he does care about the people around him after all. I honestly like his character as he was selfish in many ways but as days went by he began to change a bit. By having Moses Chan, it helped me like his character even more. He was gorgeous in this series.

Chris (Raymond Cho),  is an E.R doctor who is still pretty young. He is the one that makes everyone laugh with his some what clueless ways sometimes. Even though he is a bit immature he does handle a lot of situations with a mature state. I love the way he could make any dull moment funny by popping some jokes up or nonsense. Unlike Henry, Chris was a good guy. He was faithful in relationships and tried his best to win the heart of a doctor of a higher ranking. In doing so he worked his butt off hoping he would get promotion soon to match her status. I think he would be my favorite male character in this series. He is so cute, it made me happy whenever I see him on screen cause I knew he was going to say something interesting. As for Raymond’s acting, I loved him ever since I watched him in Welcome to the House and Healing Hands III. He is a delightfully funny guy ever here and there.

Anson (Maggie Siu), a strong doctor who doesn’t really fall for love anymore. That was broken when of course Chris came along. She was the type of women that cared about her image as a doctor as she kept on telling Chris to called for his image more. At time she does tend to be harsh but she is a career women, as I would like to say, so she does seem a bit tough. Her expectations for her sister were high, but it was a regret on how harshly she treated her when her sister finally died. Her sister’s death was her biggest breakdown. I strongly liked her, but there is nothing too special about her though. I found her as being one of those mature doctors too.

Suki (Fiona Yuen), who is Anson’s younger sister who is still in training of becoming a real doctor. She tends to break down a lot under the pressure of her older sister. I honestly didn’t care about her, but she grew on me and I started to like her. Then when I did started to like her, she died. Her death was very sudden and sad. I felt as if her death was one of the biggest ones beside Jackie. No one saw it coming and when it happened it was a big blow on Anson and Edmond(Michael Tong). She was so innocent in her murder. I found her pretty cute, especially her relationship with Edmond and her sister. I did wish she didn’t die and got back together with Edmond though.

Dorothy (Kit Chan)  is another carefree doctor. She is the girl version of Henry and Chris mixed together. She is playful and funny as she would fool around with Chris a lot hinting that there might be something going on when there was nothing going on between them. There was not much to her character. There wasn’t a big emotional scene with her. I like her character though, I love how carefree she was, but I didn’t care too much for her. In a way I felt bad for her also as she loved Henry but she could never really have him. I think this is the first and only time I saw Kit acted, and her acting is very cute, I think.

Tracy (Yoyo Mung)  is the typical rich girl who took the road to become a doctor. She carried her princess attitude to work and to the people around her. It only changed when M.C finally left her and Paul woke her up from her selfish attitude. Even though she wasn’t selfish later on, I still found her to be a childish in many ways. Honestly I don’t have much to say about her. Her character wasn’t something I adore too much.I think she falls too fast, in love I mean. One day she was depressed, the other she told Paul she liked him.  Yoyo did a good job playing a brat, which is something you don’t see anymore, at least I don’t think.

Annie (Flora Chan), is not a doctor but a lawyer. Most of her friends are doctors as she worked for some of their patients and is the girlfriend of one of the doctors there. She was a loving person especially toward Henry, but that love wasn’t fairly returned, or it didn’t showed like it did. There wasn’t too much to her character because she didn’t stay too long,which I blamed Henry for. I wish she did, I love Flora. I think she has great chemistry with anyone that she worked with. I wish they focus on her more but she does seem neglected from this serial. I loved her relationship with Jackie, they are clearly good friends and when she died, she broke down crying, which was a very sad scene to watch.

Relationships in this series, what do I have to say. It’s messy. Triangles and mess, honestly this serial felt the most like Grey’s Anatomy due to the relationships around the hospital, well kinda. All in all, it was still pretty good to watch these character develop their relationship within one another.

Paul and Jackie. Jackie has finally woke up from her coma and she is in the hands of her loving boyfriend again, but their story was short lived. Soon into their bliss, Jackie was inside a burning building and with her kind heart, she helped some people get out of the building but herself she die from all the inhalation of the smoke. I felt bad for Paul, as he waited so long for her to wake up and when she does, she is gone for good. It was a pity how Jackie only lasted for a couple of episode before she was taken away. I liked them together. I found as if they had great chemistry together that was brought over from the first serial. I wish Jackie did lived a little longer, perhaps even married to Paul, maybe it would make this tragedy even harder. I found the writers waking her up was tease. They do look cute together. No matter what happen I found Paul always belonged to Jackie.

Paul and Tracy. Love that was form from friendship. After Tracy broke up with MC, she was really down as she really did love him and she couldn’t bare the breakup. Paul was there to help her get back up and through it all Tracy fell in love with him. I don’t really like this couple. I found as if there is no base to their relationship, like there was nothing special to them. She was the type of girl Paul would like also.  I also felt as if Tracy was just a replacement, I didn’t feel as if Paul loved her enough. For some reason I felt as if he still loved and couldn’t put down Jackie. I found as if their relationship was a bit forced too.

Tracy and MC. Their story is pretty simple as MC dated her just because she was wealthy. He needed her to help him climb up the social ladder a bit. Their relationship started to crumble as MC cared more about stocks then her and Tracy felt like she didn’t like him as much as she did before. MC did grew tired of her princess ways and dumped her. After a while, MC grew up from his selfish ways and he became good friends with Tracy. Tracy loved him all along as it was seen when they broke up, how down she was. As for MC, I don’t know if he really did or not. I believe that he did for a while but he couldn’t stand her princess ways anymore and that is how it fell. I found them pretty cute and matching but it was a pity that they didn’t last too long. I really love the Yoyo & Moses pairing.

Henry and Annie. It seem as if Annie cared more for Henry then Henry cared for Annie. Soon Annie found out that Henry had a string of girls and felt unsecured with him so she decided to leave him. It was not when she left he realized that he cared for her the most. I don’t love this couple, I just like it. I don’t know what the rave is about Flora & Bowie, but I don’t think they are that great together, Flora looked better with a lot of people also. I do think they were pretty good together here, its just that I felt bad for Annie as she was neglected a lot from Henry. I didn’t feel as if Henry loved her enough, even when he only missed her when she left. They did have a happy ending as I guess the back of Annie appeared and Henry embraced her in his arms.

Henry and Dorothy. Their affair does seem like a Grey’s Anatomy affair. It was really based on attraction that were exchanged in the hospital. When she down down he was there and when he was down she was there and that is bascially how it led to the deadly attraction. Dorothy did cared about Henry, but Henry, especially after Annie left only cared for Annie. I didn’t really cheered for this couple as because they happen, Annie left. I didn’t think they have too much chemistry either when they were together. Also the baby, is it Henry’s? I believe it is, I think Dorothy doesn’t want Henry to know because then Henry would have to think all over again of who he wanted to be with. Now we don’t want that to happen again since, it does take him a long time to think about these things.

Anson and Chris. Their story seems simple compared to all the other ones. It started with them at odds with each other, well not really. Anson just didn’t really like Chris’s character and how he doesn’t care about his image on being a doctor.  After a while these two got closer and Chris started to chase her, but she didn’t accepted him until later on. I think this couple is adorable. Even though the age difference they still can make it work. I think in real life “Chris” is actually older then her, or the same age, maybe just because he doesn’t seem to age that much makes it seem as if he was younger then her. They do have some chemistry together but not a lot. I just found them pretty cute to watch, maybe it was from the influence of Healing Hands III.

Besides all the love relationship, a lot of friendship happen within the hospital. I loved watching a bunch of them hanging out at Pandarama just joking around. All of them look like they have a great connection with each and and felt as if they were really good friends. Of course the friendship between Paul,Henry, & Chris, Chris & Dorothy, Jackie & Annie stood out a little more but all in all the chemisty with each other is fairly great.

There wasn’t a big connection between Healing Hands I and Healing Hands II. There was the cross over of doctors such as Paul and Henry, but many of the doctors from I left and many new doctors arrived at II, such as M.C and Dorothy. Honestly, it makes you wonder what happen to the old cast as they were mentioned only a couple of times. Some of them left to be doctors elsewhere and one even died. Anyone can watch it without the background from I.

I really like these Healing Hands serial because I love the intense situations of being a doctor and it also showed that doctors are humans too, they have feelings and they can’t save everyone that comes to their hands. They watch people that they love leave them even as doctors unable to save them. The plot was very simple, but it was good to see how these doctors lived outside the hospital and saw their friendship and relationship develop within one another. I definitely like this one more then the 3rd one but I don’t know if I can say I like it more then the first one because the first one and the second one is 2 very different ones as most of the cast did change. Nonetheless, this serial is a great one to watch.