D.I.E Thoughts (20-25)

The last case was what I thought the best one in the whole series. I knew who did it but it was nice seeing how the cast would figure it out. Rich people has too much problems seriously.

I thought the way that Margie and Derek got together was kind of cute. I love them when they were at the park and they got together there. It was super cute how Derek tried to grab her hand but too bad he didn’t cause Margie heard Roger’s name. They didn’t have too much scenes together after when they got together, which disappointed me a bit. I was really hoping that they will have more cute scenes together cause I really love them together. I wished that they got married in the end, but they didn’t. Hopefully if there is a squeal they will get married in there.

I thought Sonjia and Roger had a nice story in the end. I loved how Roger didn’t want Sonjia to die so he left her. I also loved how Sonjia told him that no matter what she wanted to be with him and she didn’t care how long that time would be as long as they were together some point in their lives. I didn’t really liked them together that much but in the last episode, I liked them together. It was a very cute scene at the graveyard, by the way its so obvious it isn’t Canada. (they shot every single graveyard scene from other series there) I like the lighting though, it looks like morning :D.

I love the ending. I heard there were many complaints about Roger’s death, but I thought it fit great. The cause of his death kinda, what I thought resulted with Sonjia’s stubbornness & impulsiveness. If she didn’t go and chase the guy, Roger won’t have ran after her and the truck won’t roll back. Then Roger wouldn’t have walked right into the car. I also thought that it was nice that Roger gave up his life so he can be with Sonjiafor a while. It was just kind of sad that they never actually got married. Good tragic though…TVB loved putting one of the two to death before the wedding.  I hated the alternative ending, its too…. tacky.

Final Thoughts:

I thought the cases in D.I.E were great. Somehow everything linked to one another, I also liked how so many people die. I liked it cause once the crew found out that, this person had something to do with the case, they get a call saying that this person die. I thought it was pretty cool, cause it challenge them a bit more and also the case lasted longer.

I love the chemistry between the whole cast. I felt that the cast was well put together even though I didn’t really like some of the characters of the story its still alright. I love the D.I.E team too, they worked together so perfectly, I love seeing them bunch up together to solve the case. All in all, I think the producers of this series did a great job in casting people cause everyone fitted perfectly and I can tell there was a great bond between these people, like family.

I didn’t really like Kenneth and Sonjia’s characters. I didn’t like how Kenneth changed his heart easily but then again who can blame him. I didn’t like Sonjia cause she was just too aggressive and stubborn. I didn’t like her hair either, it looked too messy for me .  Also I really dislike them two together, they don’t match at all to me. I really hope that this is the first and last time they are pairing as a couple in a series. Actually I take that back, if Sonjia let her hair down more, they would look better together. In the end I liked them a little bit more I thought they were a bit more bearable. I loved their friendship in the end and I wished that they were only friends throughout the whole series.

I love Roger in this series. He had that little dumb look like in Life Made Simple and the smart look from To Get Unstuck In Time. I believed that one thing that made this series such a great one with such high ratings is because of him. It had been at least one year absence from him in the TVB world, and I think that a lot of people wanted to see him act once again.

I think out of this series, I am becoming a fan of Margie. This is the first time I saw her in a series and I really like her. I also love her voice for some reason. She is the second TVB actress voice that I love. There is something about her voice, I think its the way its so clear and crisp, I have no idea but I just love it.  She is actually pretty too for her age.  I absolutely love the scenes between Roger and Margie and Derek with Margie. She is so cute with them both and great chemistry with Roger as brother and sister.  As much as I love the Derek and Margie couple, I kinda wish that Margie and Roger would be a couple instead of the brother and sister relationship. I guess maybe in the future series they might be as a couple instead. Thankfully D.I.E is the first series I saw her in rather than that Dog and Cats series because I don’t think I will like her that much if I didn’t see her in a good series. I can’t wait to see more of her in future series, and can’t wait to go find some old series of her to watch soon. 😀

 Honestly, I am watching this series because of Derek and Margie relationship, Roger, and the cases. At first, I watched this series because of Roger, Kenneth and because it was a detective series and I thought it would be interesting. I won’t mind seeing a sequel to this series.

 its short cause i don’t really want to go back and skim what happen in these eps. maybe i will edit this again later..in the future when i have time to watch those parts again or when i rewatch the series 😀

4.8/5.0 (haha its a weird number but i thought if i give 5/5 it would be too much)


These are the Moments: D.I.E [II]

These are the moment that makes you smile, make you laugh or make you cry. These are the little things that make you enjoy the series a little more. These are the moments in life.

#3 Margie and Derek

Derek was looking for Margie but he found out that she was trying on wedding gowns cause she was getting married. He got there and he started to pound on the door.

Derek: Don’t get impulsive to get married. You are going to be a a place with no friends and family. Why do you want to go there. Listen to me there are a lot of people here that care about you.At least there is one person that really cares about you. Open the door.
Margie: Why do you care if she marry some old guy? Do you like her?
Derek: Yes I do like her. I had a crush on you for the longest time. Yes, I am a loser I didn’t know how to express and didn’t know how to tell you. But I can tell you this, I really do love you. Please stay. I will protect you.

The girl opened up the door and it wasn’t Margie. He turned around and there was Margie.


Margie and Derek was sitting at the park.

Derek: Sorry for the thing at first. I got tricked
Margie:What if she didn’t trick you? What if it was true?
Derek: What you really want to married that guy?
Margie: What you said at first was it just rehearsal like last time at the elderly’s home.
Derek: I wasn’t. In fact I meant it both times. But I didn’t have the guts to say it.
Margie: Why?
Derek: Because I was afraid that you would reject me and we can’t even be friends.
Margie: You must thank her for tricking you.
Derek: She trick me how do you expect me to thank her.
Margie: Well if she didn’t trick you, you won’t tell the truth. By then I may never get married
Derek: You mean you will accept me. Don’t worry I will make you happy, so so happy.
Margie: Wow so happy so many times?


#4 Roger & Margie

Roger piss Margie off and she called him a freak. Roger went to her room to say sorry and pacify her.

Roger: What do you want? I said I am sorry and I made an mistake. What should I do to make it up to you? I didn’t meant to hit him at first. Fine, I will let you hit me back
Margie: Brother, do you have a crush on me? This always happens in those Japenese or Korean TV series. I don’t mind if this happens in Hong Kong as well. 
Roger:Don’t get me wrong. I just care about you. I don’t want you to be cheated by bad guys. 
Margie: Look at you. You are so stupid. You call yourself a detective? You can’t tell what is true. 
Roger:Don’t joke about this. THis is really disgusting. Are you crazy?
Margie: You are crazy. I don’t understand it. Derek is so nice. Why do you object to us?
Roger:How nice is he?
Margie: He got a lot of merits, He is kind and innocent.
Roger:That means he get cheated easily.
Margie: Also he is righteous and conscientious
Roger: That mean he will get killed easily
Margie: Why do you have to bring out the bad side? 

(there was more but the rest i didn’t care for so much)

D.I.E Thoughts (11-20)

The cases in these eps are pretty neat. I love Margie’s client case. I thought it was something smart. I was very scared for Margie when she was captured though. haha. but thank god she was fine and Derek was the one that saved her. cute huh? I also like the online guy case. I thought that one was very realistic in our culture today. The other case about the dead actress was pretty neat too, it looked like pretty interesting. By the way a lot of people died in this series I have notice and they die after Roger knew that they have something to do with the case. Some of the endings of the case are rather interesting.

I really dislike Sonjia and Kenneth together. They are just so awkward together and they aren’t very good at making people think that they are a couple, at least to me. They don’t really have any cute moments together and when they have scenes together I fell that they are more like friends than a couple. I also didn’t like how Sonjia was starting to neglect Kenneth. He was such a good somewhat great boyfriend to her, always asking her out to dinner and wanting to spend time with her. All she does is work and talk about work and Roger. Which meant that I didn’t blame Kenneth for leaving her and cheating on her. She put it on herself. If she spent more time with him and everything, Kenneth would never cheat on her.

That is why I didn’t blame Kenneth for cheating on her. Kenneth got really lonely and all Sonjia did was work. He needed someone to love him and be there with him. All Sonjia did was talk and helped Roger.  Time after time, Sonjia forgave him but he kept on cheating on her which I do blame him for. Once was enough but no, again and again he went back to ‘queenie’.

Kitty. This is the first time I have seen her. When she appeared the first time as a ghost, I thought it was kind of creepy and I thought there will be like a creepy storyline to it and how she got killed too. I was wrong, nothing creepy and scary at all, she died from taking a bath and she was a fun character. I love it when she took over Sonjia’s body and spend a day at the carnival with Roger.

Sonjia and Roger.  I thought the way they got together was too quick, and rushed.  I thought it was very random how Sonjia liked him so quickly too. I guess they look alright together, but I kinda don’t want them to be together, it seems quite weird. I swear its the hair that made it weird, always the hair. lol.

Derek and Margie. So cute together especially with the kitten thing. Too bad they don’t have so many scenes together, I wish they did though. Its really cute how they are kind of shy around each other at around eps 19ish. I swear this is the cutest couple in D.I.E.