A Year in Review: 2008

2008 brought us many great series. Many comeback starts, many rising stars and many new stars. Many sequels, many new series and even some outstanding ones.

Top 10:
10. Catch Me Now

This was a great series but it failed to make it high on my list. It had a very nice storyline and it was a police/crime story ahead of its time. It was awesome seeing the gadgets and the way Damian gets out of his crime. It also brought me to love Johnson Lee a little more and founded an actress that I like now Koni Liu. Fala Chen is also very pretty and outstanding in this series as Joe’s wife. The chemisty between Joe and Damian was pretty nice in working together even though they have 2 different standings. The ending was pretty great too, with 2 endings.

9. Your Class or Mine

I got to say that I quite enjoyed this series. I like the chemistry between everyone in the cast. I especially love Sharon and Bobby together. They are pretty cute when they had scenes together. The “kiddos” in this series weren’t that bad either. They are actually pretty good actors, considering that they are pretty much new. The storyline was great and can be relate-able to a lot of kids (like myself) struggling with sports and school at the same time.  I think I would like to re-watch this series again one day, since in the beginning I didn’t really pay attention in the beginning of the series.

8. A Journey Called Life

I think this was one of the best inspirational series out there. It was kind of ironic how it talks about life and making it through life when they have a business to crave tombstones. Linda’s performance was amazing as a rebel/bad girl, it got me ready for her other series Gem of Life. Of course her relationship with Steven was just too cute too. Other then Linda, Fala Chen had a nice performance too, it was a pity that she had to die off.

7. D.I.E

For the longest time, I thought that D.I.E would be a very high rated series for me,also thinking that only Moonlight Resonance could beat this out of first place. I was wrong, better series came on through the next couple of months after the airing of D.I.Ethat totally beat it down into 7thplace. With a creative storyline and concept, this was very much a new kind of series that was opened up in 2008. This series also brought me to be a fan of Margie Tsang and a stable fan of Derek Kwok. I can’t wait to watch D.I.E II but is sad because Margie won’t be in this one.

6. Moonlight Resonance

A lot of people might have Moonlight as number one this year or even at their top 3 if not even their top 5. I placed it near the bottom of my top ten for many reasons. Even though I was hooked onto this series, I didn’t felt as if it was good as Heart of Greed. I felt the surprise left me because I know this series will have a good ending. Along with that, their love stories were draggy and not expand enough. For example, the Bosco-Linda-Raymond issue was really draggy, it got me to a point where I didn’t care who she ended up with and Tavia and Moses was a couple that didn’t have much focus on especially on how they even got together. Even though I like the concept of moon-cake and family, this series wasn’t good enough for me. This might even be a series that I might not watch again since it is pretty long.

5. Best Selling Secret

I was glad that I did picked up this series late 2007. It wasn’t that bad after all and it made a very high ranking in my 2008 list. It was maybe Esther’s only series for a while but it was one of the best. Her love story with Geoffrey was a memorable one. It was cute and love-able and it just wanted viewers and me to get them together already. This was satisfied by the time Esther left BSS. This series also brought out the Elvina-Tsui Wing match and Florence -Stephen match, which left the viewer satisfied after Esther’s leave. Even though this series wasn’t exactly funny or dramatic, it was pretty much of a good series to lay back to watch. I will definitely re-watch this series one day.

4. Forensic Heros II

I remember rushing back to the hotel/house just to watch this series when I was in HK/China. I remember during its finale, I was staying at Disneyland and I was suppose to go get something to eat but I didn’t until very late, cause I wanted to finish watching this special hour for this series. In the beginning it was pretty boring and my expectations for Linda’s death wasn’t reached so I was disappointed. Near the end the series was much more interesting, with the dramatic cases and the storyline between Charmaine and Kevin, it kept me wanting more.

3. Silver Chamber of Sorrow

I wasn’t expecting this series to be so good. I picked it up after watching their 6th episode, cause after that I didn’t know how I was going to let this series go. It was like a different version of War and Beauty(something magnificent as well). I loved the fighting, the bickering the hatred with everyone. I especially loved Christine’s character. She was so innocent at first, but after finding out how she was tricked into this marriage of someone she doesn’t love, made her a bit evil. It was great watching her and Ng Wai Kwok scenes together, ‘an almost lover’ love story. The ending was great and unexpected to see how Christine lived through the fire. With the majestic theme song, captivating storyline and a period where woman has no standing, this series should have been promoted just a little more.

2. Last One Standing

An outstanding series of its time. It almost felt like as it this series was our modern day Secret of the Heart or like Cold Blood Warm Heart. Both Roger and Kevin did amazing in this series, but still unable to grab any awards due to the hype on Moonlight Resonance. This series had a different ending unlike a lot of normal typical series, this ending didn’t have a conclusion to Roger. I think that this series can be the most unrated series of all time. Honestly, I felt as if this series could have taken away a lot of things from Moonlight Resonance, but due to the fact that Moonlight really had to take most of the awards, Last One Standing was swept away in a little corner without any attention to it. If only this series had aired later, maybe in 2009, this series would have been a blockbuster at the awards.

1. When Easterly Shadows Fall on the Sunny West

Surprise Surprise. As I was thinking about writing the end of the year review a month ago, I never expected WESFOTSW would take the title as #1. I wouldn’t have even touch this series, if it wasn’t for bad engknowlegdement of Joe being within 20 miles of me each day. I needed to watch this series, on how I could have met him while he was filming…sigh. Other than that pity story, this series was pretty good in that I felt as if it was something different. It was different in the case that even though Joe did turn astray, he didn’t fall completely, he still had a son and the woman he loved in the end, which was a nice ending. I also didn’t expect so many people to die, which was a plus for the dramatic factor. It was nice to see how Joe falls every time someone dies. Which this also lead me to think, did everything that Joe did, was it because he wanted power or was it to please his family name and the title of being the head of the house. Sadly this series wasn’t a high rated one due to our economic times, but I believed that this series is pretty good, something definitely worth re-watching again.

Series that didn’t quite make it:

A series that I didn’t really care too much about. There was hype but I didn’t think it was all that great. Bosco hairstyle was very ugly in this series and it didn’t match him at all. All in all though this series was pretty cute and it was nice how they focused on magizine and the world of fashion. I think this might be a series that I would rewatch again.

I am still wondering why Gallen would do this series. It was cute and fun series but it is still somewhat pointless in its storyline. I guess it was still pretty much fun to watch this series with most of my favorite actors and actresses in it, and with my newly love actress Margie. 🙂

I was hooked onto this series from episode one. I guess it was the mystery of the deaths that got me hooked and that it was Michael Miu here 😀 As this series progress, it was exciting but in the end after looking back at this series I didn’t find it that great. It was not too extreme dramatic storyline but it was good enough to keep viewers watching and guessing.

It was sad, it was cute, it was funny and it was heartbreaking. Seventh day was a very nice modern love story about 2 couples. I liked how it had a storybook design and I liked the concept of the whole series.  Even though I felt like this was a fresh series, I felt that  it was pretty boring. In a way it kinda got repetitive. Getting back together, breaking up, getting back together. In the middle of the series I actually skipped many episode, due to its boring storyline. Overall I liked the pairing of Niki and Kevin, they are just too cute. For me re-watching this series, I am still iffy on it, since it was pretty boring but it was pretty cute.

Series that I didn’t watched:

I don’t know how many people that I told, saying I would watch this series by the time my summer vacationends. It never exactly happen. I have watched clips and bits of it and even got to watch the second half of the ending. I heard many praises and many non praises of this series, which left me wondering if I should watch it or not. After about debating for a month and leaving it alone. I think this series would be left alone forever. I don’t think I would have the energy to actually watch a series about a topic, I honestly don’t care about.

This series was airing a week before finals and with my trip to New York, and airing at the mid spot of the night when I was in HK /China. I just didn’t have time to watch it. I think I have only watched about 5 minutes in HK, when I was at dinner, just before we left the resturant. I don’t really plan on watching this series …anytime soon at least since it doesn’t look too interesting to me. Who knows maybe I will pick it up soon, but I highly doubt it.

Another series that was air when I was in HK/China, during the timeslot when I was going back to the house/hotel so I wasn’t able to watch this series. I only watched about 10 minute one time and that was it. I told myself that I will watch this series this winter break, but for my busy scheduele, I wasn’t able to pick it up. I do hope I get to watch this series soon because even looking at Kate and Ken’s pictures together I find this a very cute series already.

I have watch many bits and pieces of it when it was playing in my living room cause my dad was watching it. I quite like it but I never just picked it up since I didn’t have time and that kung-fu/police ancient series aren’t my type of thing to watch. I am pretty sure that I would pick up this series again since I do like the plot and from what I seen, it was pretty good.

I don’t think I will ever watch this series due to my lack of interest in fantasy,even though I like Sunny, Linda, and Benny.

As much as I liked the first gentle crackdown. Sunny and Wayne can’t pull me in  to watch this series. I just didn’t want to watch it cause my lack of interest in the storyline.

Another series that was airing when I was in HK on saturdays. I have watched snippets of it and I did enjoy those couple of mintues of it. I think I will picked up this series once I get the time. I like all these schooling mini-series, like their previous Heart of Fencing and Sunshine Heartbeat.

Dislike series:

This is one of the series that I didn’t like this year. It was also the first series that I wrote in this blog. One factor that lead to that was Louisa character bugged me a lot. The way she used people and everything disgusted me and the series in whole. I didn’t like how the series portray out the storyline withJapanese food as the center of attention with a character like Louisa. I felt like it didn’t match and the storyline was very boring to me. The things I did like about it was that character pairing.

Series that wasn’t finish airing in 2008😦 since it wasn’t finish in 2008 I won’t be judging them or talking about them until 2009 review)
Off Pedder,Pages of Treasures, The Gem of Life


Best Selling Secret Review

After about 9 months Best Selling Secret is finally over. I can’t believe I actually watched all of these episode and took me 9 months. I give even more props to those who watch it for more than a year. Originally I thought I would invest about 2 months in this series starting from late Nov. I heard it was going to end in Jan, so I thought I would give it a try. After trying to catch up with it, I found out they weren’t going to end in Jan but in June>.< Which made me invest in it for 5 more months. Then again they lied again and 2 more months were invested.

Esther Kwan. First and only reason why I picked it back up after leaving BSS for about 8 episode. I really wanted to see her again and since its the only series she is filming with no news of future series I thought I should just give it a try and see what happens. Her performance didn’t disappoint. She also got prettier as the series progressed. It was also a pity when she left…making a lot of the audience stop watching also.

As for Ka Nam, I like her character. Its very like-able… to a point where its too like able. I recall watching some episodes, where I was just made that she can’t let Kin go. I like how she loved him a lot but, really in reality people will move on somehow. Thank God she did move on and saw that she did love Vincent in the end. She is such a good mother, always helping her son and everything. She was such a good support and helpful person in the company. I found her like the mom of the people of Ying, with her graceful character. This character is very happy all the time except when it was with Kin, then its mostly tears. She was a strong character in that she was able to let the thing she loved most go and was able to find her self a new love in the end..someone with a future like her.

Geoffrey Wong. I finally put a name to this actor. I seen him before in ATV but I didn’t care too much about him since he was more of an extra. Now as more of an extra at BSS, I finally know who he is.

Vincent is a very likable character too, with his love for Ka Nam for over 19 years. It makes every girl jealous of Ka Nam. His love for Ka Nam for so many years is an unbelievable one. He is somewhat of a playful character but he grew up and shook of his playboy character and put all his time working for his dad. I like his connections with his brother too. His character is enjoyable to watch because he has a great attitude with everyone and is willing to help everyone too.

Elvina Kong. When I first saw her I didn’t know who she was. I was like is this an extra person that I never really notice before. After searching around I was wrong, she wasn’t much of an unnoticeable actress, but a noticeable one. Her acting was alright, but it seems like she was always biting her lips or just pressing them really hard against each other. I didn’t really started to like her until I notice her relationship with Tsui Wing.

Well as for Diana, I didn’t like her in the beginning, since she is always against Ka Nam. I didn’t like the way she acted either, she was just so mean. She was like the evil boss that everyone gossip about and hated. After a while that image of her started to fade away. Of course she was still pissed off and yelled but it wasn’t too bad, or it wasn’t as focus as much. As time went by her character got a heart and even began to fall for someone who didn’t have the same status as her. She is a very strong character in that everything she did was to prove herself worthy to be the daughter of her father and able to be in their family, after about a 30 year isolation from them. She was someone that didn’t really like showing her feelings to anyone, she would hide herself in the corner when no one is watching before her tears would be shed.

Tsui Wing. Honestly I thought he was new, cause I didn’t remember seeing him in other series as an extra. I was wrong again, I found out he appeared in series like Love Guaranteed, Woman on the Run, and Welcome to the House.

His character is interesting. A guy that is like a slave to the woman he loves. He was looked down with his colleagues and he was a follower. I like the way he loved Diana, being with her all the time, supporting her and helping her. I never got really why he loved her so much, maybe its because she was someone that gave him a chance in the beginning, who knows. His love for Diana was never ending which I thought was pretty amazing. His character grew up from that guy that always followed to a successful business man in the end. His character changed a lot since the beginning, he was now able to take chances and was able to let things go. I think he was a very round character in that he was able to expand a lot.

It was nice to see her face pop up in the series. It was someone familiar to me which made me happy. As she came on my love for her grew with other series I was watching from her. I love her edginess now.

Her character has a grudge against Diana, which is her sister. She never liked her in that she always thought that Diana was raised up differently and was not worthy to be carrying the same last name as her. With her appearance, she created a lot of drama with Diana, which also affected the relationships with their significant other. She didn’t really showed how much she really loved Stephen because she needed help from other people to get back at Diana and to stay top of the game. In the end, she realized that she the grudge didn’t mean anything and that Stephen was the only guy for her.

Stephen Au. I thought he would play somewhat of a bad guy , which he normally is. This time he finally , I guess played a good guy. I don’t really remember seeing him much in the past few years except in Bitter Bitten, I recalled that he did some series when I was younger.

He is a typical guy that doesn’t like going to work and always make fun of the boss. I really liked his character just because he is so normal in this series. haha. Honestly I didn’t like him at first though, just because in the beginning he had so many episodes base on him. I thought he was like the main character or something, it also got annoying, cause I didn’t really care and I didn’t really want anymore boring episodes. As time went by his storyline shorten to only about his relationship with Queenie. I like how he treated her. He was her secret admirer. It was cute how he acted like he always hated her, when really he just wanted to be with her.

Vin Choi. Another person that I know before watching BSS,from Sunshine Heartbeat and Brink of Law. I never fully liked him or hated him. There were points were I liked him and points where I hated him. He was really a “whatever” to me.

His character is very much like a player. In this series, he had about 3 girls, which was MayMay, Kawaii, and Alien. He is just a typical young adult I guess, with unsure feelings when it comes to love. Luk Jit is just trying to grow up and working on the thing he love which was photography. He is loyal to his family and his relationship with everyone is likable.To his character was somewhat boring, all his storyline after about his mom was relationship wise.

Wong ChoLam. He is totally fresh to me. When I first saw him I fell in love with him. He was so cute and nerdy. I love the way he roll his eyes. I became a fan of him.. kinda… after watching BSS. He has a very metro feel.

His character showed much of the nerdy kid that never really grew up. He is a rather cute character in this series. His facial expressions and voice impressions are priceless. Even though he looks and acts like a kid sometime, he is very grown up. He has a love life and he knows how to deal with things especially when it game to the Chu Chu/ Kau Chun thing. His character was a nice additions making a couple laughs here and there. I wish their was more storyline involving him, just because his character leaves a lot of questions.

The first time I saw her was in Sunshine Heartbeat. I liked her, from her cute and innocent acting back then. Then time happen and her roles were more minor, and she was always that bad girl too. I started to not like her as much. As to of this day, I don’t really like her, or her acting.

Kawaii is a cute character. She has a nice fun outgoing personalities. I liked how her love for LukJitwas persistence and she really did like him. Even though she got hurt a couple times, and was rejected, she was finally able to be with Luk Jit, which I was very happy for. I thought she deserved him, because she never actually stopped liking him. In a way, I found her very annoying, when she was always around Luk Jit, I felt she was not letting him breathe. Her love for photography was great and she was even able to get a master in Japan, being there for a numbers of month as an apprentice. I was glad she didn’t get too much screen time in the end, since I wasn’t really fond of her acting, or her character too much.

Aimee Chan. I was actually excited when I heard that she will be in this series. I just think she is kind of cute and I couldn’t wait to see her acting. Even though I heard many people didn’t like her in BSS, I liked her. She was a nice happy character in BSS. She was a nice addition to a already big cast of BSS.

Dai Yen Lo is a cute character. I love her, while everyone didn’t for ruining Luk Jit and Kawaii’s relationship. I didn’t mind. She was a rich spoiled girl that is very clumsy. I like how she was so nice and innocent, unlike a lot of the rich girls that are portray now. Her name is very interesting too, like her dad’s name. Bring Silver, haha really would you name your daughter that, I know I won’t. She is a very sweet person, trying not to get in the way of Luk Jit and Kawaii’s relationship. Ultimately she kinda did, unexpectedly. I think she is one of my favorite character.

Bill Shek, I thought was a nice additon to make me watch this series. I won’t say I am a fan of him, but I really do like watching him on screen, whether he is a nice guy or an bad one.

A chef and a stock investor. I recall for the longest time I was wondering what his career was, cause we didn’t even see him work or even talk about it. He is a very nice guy, and he cared for Ng Hung a lot. It was a pity that she never accepted to married him and even leaving him after 10 years of being together. I wanted him to find another girl, but I guess he didn’t due to the episodes left in the sitcom. I was glad his ending happen to be him getting a lot of awards for his cooking.

Partly of why I am a fan of him now, is because of BSS. Watching him through numbers of episode at BSS, made me grow into him more.

He was mean in the beginning, I remember him picking on Doris all the time, but soon later he started to show his soft side to her and fell for her along with that. His character was very nice too. He was willing to compromise and help people. I think his love for Doris was very cute, in that it was hidden and he knew that he wasn’t good enough for her.

He is pretty cool, haha. Honestly, I like his accent in some way. I think it matches his face very well.

I like his character. He is either happy or mad. Seriously, you never really see his expression of like…normal, haha except for some meetings sometimes. I really love how he help people and willing to understand when it came to Ng Han rejecting him. I don’t know what else to say about him, but I know I like him very much in BSS.

I don’t like her accent…..I don’t like her acting.. but I guess she is alright to be in BSS. I liked how she didn’t get too much screen time.

I hated her in the beginning for not liking Wong Ka Nam. It’s like how can you not like her, she is so sweet. I found her annoying too and had no idea why Tin Zai Shan would date her. Then I started to like her.. then I started to hate her again.. after a while. I really didn’t like how she just left Tin Zai Shan, is like she wanted him when he was not hers but once she had him, she didn’t know if she wanted him anymore. In the end she ended up with Yin Ying Ming, who she said was like a brother to her. I felt as if she was a very unnecessary character.

The storyline was great. They focus on love, friendship, family, they even had some hatred relationship too. Each of the storyline can be a little draggy, since each different focus on one storyline, but I think they were well written, especially some of the love stories. I got to admit there were many episodes which were pointless and boring, but after about 200 episodes the story lines were more focus, and those pointless random episodes were fading away.

One of the most loved couple of BSS. Vincent and Ka Nam. I always thought Vincent had something for Ka Nam, since he was always helping her. He somewhat treated her better than everyone else. When it was revealed that he did like her and his love for her was still there, I was excited to see how they would develop. I felt bad for Vincent, doing so much for Ka Nam, but all KaNam did was treated him as a best friend. Withthehelpof Sunny Chan she discovered her love for Vincent was more than a friend. Their love story was short but yet it was pretty good. I remember they were the first couple I fell in love with, the only one at BSSfor the longest time. I hated how they only showed one episode after like 20 other pointless ones. It was so frustrating for me, I wanted to them have a better storyline. Of course they had a lot in the end before Esther left, which I really liked. I enjoyed their couple scenes, they were very cute together, just hanging out and being themselves. Their storyline was short and pretty much ended when Esther left, but their storyline was the most thoughtful one of all. A storyline in BSS that I will always remember.

After Vincent and Ka Nam, there was Diana and Kau Chun. I don’t know why I liked this couple, maybe its due to the fact that Kau Chun won’t stop loving her also and of course their storyline was starting to form. Honestly I never actually thought they will be interesting until episode 187 It was sad, touching.. and memorable. From then on, their storyline began to grow more and when there were no more Vincent and KaNam storyline, they took the spotlight. I love them together, they been through a lot. From unsure feelings to a third wheel and to just a lot of misunderstandings. In the end they were able to get together. Even when they got together, things weren’t exactly easy for them. They went through things like KC leaving and the Man family not liking him because of his status in society. After a while they broke up. Even after they broke up they still love each other very much, and viewers were faithful that they will be together again. That finally happened at the last episode with a great wedding finale. They had the hardest love of all.

I don’t remember how they actually began, I just remember that Queenie just randomly kissed David in an elevator. I think they are pretty cute together. Their storyline is similar to KC and Diana, but they aren’t as complicated as them. They really loved each other and they didn’t have too much things getting in the way. I love how David was always there to help Queenie out with her ex and many of her other problems. David always helped her even if he was making a fool out of himself. Queenie always liked David too but she didn’t want to admit it, she had enlightenment from KC before she knew she can’t let David go. After a while since they got together, Queenie started to get closer to Ying Wei Buen, which was Vincent’s other brother. They broke up and Queenie was even with Wei Buen for a while that she only loved David. In the end they got back together at the airport, with a big make-out scene in the elevator.

Luk Jit and Kawaii was an okay couple. I recall when I just started to watch the series, I like her crush on him. I thought it was cute.. a bit annoying at times but cute enough still. I really wanted them to be together but now. Maymay had to come into the picture. Trust me that was some of the most annoying and just boring scenes with her. Well anyways, they finally got together after Luk Jit finally realized that Kawaii was mature now and he noticed he had more than the friend feeling with her. I was happy when they got together cause they felt perfect for each other. They both are into photography and they both are very cute people. Even though I liked them together I don’t know why but I didn’t really like them when they had episodes focus on them. I find them kinda boring after they got together. Some of those episodes were pretty pointless too cause they didn’t have much to talk about. After a while I just grew bored of them in general. When Alien showed up I was glad..but too bad Luk Jit never dated her in BSS. Their story ended with a break up, with good terms as friends.

When did they begin? I have no idea, I forgot…honestly. I know they started on not so friendly terms. I just know that Chueng Gor was helping her a lot with her ex husband and when she was moving into her new house. Yes, I remember that pricey chair that he got her but he said it was someones old chair so she would take this gift. Soon later Doris started to help him with his housework, seeing that MayMay wasn’t available that much from her exams. As time went by their feelings deepen for each other, and Chueng was also afraid to tell her because she was a secretary while he was just a cook. With that put aside they finally unfold their feelings and got together. Soon afterwards they were engaged. One problem came up and that was that Cheung had to leave for a job for half a year leaving HK also. He didn’t want to so he did poorly on his cooking so he won’t have the chance to go. With Tin Zau Shan and Doris help he got in eventually, pushing their wedding half a year later, something that the viewers never saw. They were my 4th most favorite couple in this series. Even though I only had 4 favorite couples in this series and them being last isn’t that bad. Their chemistry together was just too cute, but I wish they had more of a deeper storyline… like the first 3 favorite couples I loved.

Chu Chu and Lau Wah was extremely cute. I never thought that Lau Wah would have a relationship, due to his nerdy characteristics. I guess I was wrong, once Chu Chu appeared. I was so mad when she disappeared because I want to watch the story between them. In the end she came back and they got together. I wish their story was more written out, like how Chu Chu started to have feelings for him, how they got together and such. In the episode we found out they got together, I felt it a bit rushed. No one really knew what happen and they left the story as it is, and focused more on other couples for the rest of the remain episode of the series. This couple was one that I wish I got to see more of.

Besides all the love relationship…there were friendships too. There were even enemies to friends.

Luk Jit and Alien’s relationship was rather interesting. I quite enjoyed their friendship. They had fun with each other at the arcade, and whenever they were talking they were all smiles. Luk Jit would always help her and treated her as his best friend. I really liked the beginning with the magical pen..its pretty neat. As days went by their relationship got a little more complicated which resulted to them leaving for school in different countries. I wish they got together though. They were pretty cute.

Mo Gei Yung hated Kau Chun guts in the beginning, calling him a dog for Diana and being mean to him. He always picked on him also around the office. Due to the incident in the freezer, they got to know who they each liked and shared a bond for liking the two sister. From then on, they talked together about their feelings, and helped each other with their relationships with the sister. Also they got Crazy Dog Production together, working up late to make up the advertisement and working together as partners to move Crazy Dog to Beijing.

I won’t really called them enemies at the beginning, they were just fighting for a spot in the culinary world in Yin. As competitors they became friends soon after putting their skills in different cuisine aside, and open up the canteen, splitting it right down the middle. I like their friendship, even though they had many difference they still can come together and just talk. You can totally tell that they cared for each other, like for example, when either one of them is bummed out, or something, the other would ask them whats wrong. They also help each other out to, especially when Cheung Gor got the offer to leave HK for half a year.

Half of BSS drama happened because of the feud between Queenie and Diana. Two sisters, born with different mothers. Honestly, Queenie’s hate for Diana is pretty much unbelievable, really I didn’t really get what she wanted out of it. Was she jealous? Did she not like how she have a sister? Was she just doing all these things to get her noticed by her dad more? Whatever it was, I don’t really care, since she did provided some drama in this series, to make me want to keep watching. I thought that this feud will never end, seriously, it felt like they will never be on fully good terms. I was wrong, and they made up near the end of the series as Diana enlighten Queenie up with Mo Gei Yung incident.

The people at the office have a great chemistry together.They had many cute scenes together and it felt like if they were as a family more then colleagues. I love it when they are gossiping and reading each other’s mind at meetings. Seriously reminds me more of school, then as a work place sometimes.

The ending. I thought it was great, especially the last episode. The whole last week of BSS was a closure of the story, mostly on what happen to the couples and ultimately the ending 2 years later. It was a very happy ending, everyone got what they wanted, whether it is in careers or in love. Even though the ending seemed a bit rush, it felt that everything had their own conclusion and that everything was fine, finally closing the series after a 300+ run.

Best Selling Secret, I got to admit is not the best sitcom, but it has a lot of good points to it. It brought me some laughs and some OMG moments and some sad moments. This series even brought me to a point where I was obsessed with it. It definitely was a good 9 months with this series. Even though it had a very boring beginning, it picked up to a series that was interesting enough for me to continue watching. I won’t mind re watching this series again…. one day. As I was making captures for this post.. I found myself really missing this series especially around the 200 eps. area. I miss Esther.

By the way I think I found BSS secret on their semi-success. They kept lying about their ending date to make people continue to watch it, thinking it was going to end soon but really it wasn’t. =] Yes it was their best selling secret.

Break Up Week in BSS

2 break ups in one week. Is it me or is it a rush for a good storyline before the ending? or do they have nothing better to put their storyline on? Dude there is like 9 more episode left for this series with so many unsolve questions and they pop in two break ups. Wow …just wow.

 ” today I finally broke up with Diana”

First break up early in the week was Kau Chun and Diana. He broke up with her on a propsal which I thought was pretty… tacky. The reason was so that Diana would get accept in the family and with him by her side it wouldn’t happen since he doesn’t have a family name behind him. First of all he broke with her on paper!?! Its not high school, he should have broken up with her face-to-face. Well anyways, I didn’t think their break up was that sad since they didn’t do it in person. On the bright side, I liked the song that was playing at the end of the episode =] I think they will get back together when KC proves himself that he is worthy to be with someone like Diana and break the contract with money he earned or Diana won’t care about family name and be with KC.

Kau Chun:In the proposal it stated that Diana and I will not ever be together again. If I break it I will owe you ten million dollars (?). I have a request and is that Diana will have everything in the Man’s family and the status forever.

Diana:  He won’t give me up for money. He won’t give me up for ten million dollars.  I know now, he give me the contract for me to see. It’s because of me that he broke up with me. He loves me so he broke up with me. He did it for me. Kau Chun did it for me.

 “I really like you”

Then at the end of the week it was Queenie and Useless. I think Queenie deserves him breaking up with her since she looked like she didn’t care about him at all at times. Also she always lie to him with Vincent’s brother. I thought it was pretty sad though. WAY better break up then KC & Diana’s. Maybe because it was in person and you can see their emotions of them breaking up. I didn’t like how Queenie had no emotions after the break up. Poor Useless was all depressed and everything and she was just all like…what did he say?! fjsfkj ksdjfskfdfeisdfjslf  show at least you care lady -_0. I think they will get back together with Queenie asking for him back.

Queenie:You came here,waiting for so long just to give me this watch?Ok, I see you have some sincerity, as the CEO I am going to hired you as the creative director(?)
Useless: I don’t want to work.
Queenie: Are you kidding me?
Useless: No I am serious. Its why I am waiting here for you.
Queenie:You said that you want to see me everday
Useless: I don’t want to ever see you again.
Queenie: What are you trying to say?
Useless: I am serious. Just make this as a breakup gift. Bye
Queenie: Wait, what are you doing?
Useless: Where were you around 6 today?
Queenie: I was with a cilent
Useless: You were at a cafe with Vincent’s brother, he gave you a watch too. During that time my heart hurt, I was hoping that you won’t recieve that gift but you did.  I don’t want to be in this love full of lies. Good-Bye
Queenie: You are different from him. I am only with him because of his power and I will also have a support
(Useless let go of her hand and walked away)

I think the better break up this week goes to Queenie and Useless just because he teared up like crazy and its emotional.