Be Back Soon.

School is intense. My weekends are intense. My life seems to be really busy right now to actually write reviews and thoughts. I have decided to take a break again. I will come back in December before Christmas with many thoughts and random post. During this time, I will try to squeeze in as much writing as I can during my actually free days that happen every 2-3 weeks. By December I am pretty sure there will be a lot of post waiting to be posted.

See you guys soon.



3 thoughts on “Be Back Soon.

  1. Both times I watched No Regrets, I have the same thought that the ending episodes were quite sloppy.

    The amnesia storyline, the dig-out, the 30 year separation and the final funeral should have make way for a different, simpler script. More time should have been devoted to defining and developing the relationship between the key players, given that is the main focus of the drama.

    Undoubtedly, the viewers would root for a clear victory and celebrations after the devastation and losses, not more sadness. The anti climax, the fancy ideas towards the end resulting in an apparent lack of congruency to the sum of parts in an otherwise great drama makes it looks like the result of a “rush job”.

    I like the way Pierre transform his previous role (rosy business) from a hooligan to one who is fiercely loyal; I am impressed with Evergreen’s effortless like acting and Nancy seemed quite natural in her portrayal as a princess wannabe too.

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