Just Love II. Sunny & Jessica’s Beginning

It happened in epsiode 10. I have to say I love this part the best out of the whole series. As viewers we got to know how they actually started, more in depth then one week together and then getting married with a contract. Jessica and Sunny are so cute in this episode. I have to say their chemistry in this series was way better then the first one.

It seemed as if Sunny and Jessica met, well at least Sunny knew Jessica when they were in elementary school. It was spilled on the night that he was drink and Joyce overheard that he loved her for 20 years and it started back in school. When this was known to her she tried to help Jessica find out about his love for her that lasted that long.

As Jessica went back to her old school, she talked to her old bus driver and they started to talk about Sunny, and how he had a crush on her, but she didn’t knew. She wanted to know more of this boy. When she went back home, she looked through her old yearbook she realized that there Sunny was her old classmate, and founded out his nick name which is also the same as the nick name of the boy that had a crush on her.

When Jessica was sad about her report card, Sunny drew a happy face on a ball and threw it over to her. This cheered her up and Sunny watched her smile from a distance.

It also seemed as if Sunny got his nickname, from getting hurt all the time when he was secretly watching Jessica. He hurted himself by bumping into things as he hide from her. Throughout the year it also seemed as if Sunny was always secretly putting things on her desk and seat, things that were broken, missing, to make her happy. Jessica never knew who knew who did this.

Years later they Sunny recongized her at the ski resort from her name at the front desk but she didn’t know who he was. He started to watch her secretly and one day she looked down and when she left her seat, Sunny drew the happy face on a coaster and placed it on her table before she came back. When she got back she saw it and cheered up.

Of course in the end they made up. Jessica went back home and saw Sunny packing all his stuff, she thought he was really leaving her and told him that she knew how he loved her since they were little. He said that he wasn’t leaving and that she was the only one that he loved.


The Gem of Life Thoughts

After 4 long months of this series, it finally came to a close. Its been a great long run. I have to admit that I at least skipped about 15 episode throughout the whole series, hey it wasn’t that interesting in the middle. The plot only really got good around episode 50-60ish.  The themesong was fitting and the video was good as it showed more of collages of  pictures then actual video. The title GEM, didn’t fit the title much as I thought it would have. It barely talked about jewelry and diamonds, but I guess its a good title. Since honestly, the gem in life is really the people around you.

Jessica. A materialistic character. I liked how many shoes she had, it was like a girls heaven. I questioned her character a lot though. Whether she was good or not? Whether she was lying or was she telling the truth? Was it really for interest or for the interest of others? Well in the end, she was left with nothing. No husband, no son, she was all alone again. I felt pity for her at that moment. Her story line was actually pretty good throughout the series. I just appreciated it more toward the end of it, near when she started to have problems with Martin.

I always questioned Jessica’s love for Martin. Did she really love him or was it just so she can have money and power again in society. I realized that she did really love him after he started to distrust her and when he finally died. It was pretty sad how Martin didn’t trust her anymore. It was sad, since I really enjoyed seeing them together.In some way I wish that he didn’t die… I wish he would live to be with Jessica. But I guess by his death, it really showed how much Jessica love him when she would still think about him and how he treated her.   I also wonder if Martin loved Melissa more. Some of the scenes felt like he liked her more. I don’t know, it was never too clear with his relationship with Melissa. It was pretty clear that she liked him though, or at least so I thought. In the end, I think Jessica and Martin are my favorite couple in this series.

Sylvia was the oldest and it showed. She stayed clam and always help her sister, but when it came whether it was for her sister or Calvin she chose Calvin. I liked her in the beginning and I always thought she was the brighter one out of the three or the better one. Her story line actually interested me the most in the beginning because of her relationships. As time went on, it bored me as I felt as if it was going no where and I started to turn to Martin and Jessica. Then near the middle of the series, I didn’t like her character anymore, she started to piss me off.

I felt sympathy for Calvin since the very beginning of the series. It was in the way of how he grew up with his mom and how he didn’t want to be looked down upon. He just wanted a better life so his mom didn’t have to work for their living. It really showed that he loved his mom a lot. Once he was up and running in becoming a big successful rich man, he didn’t want to go back to being poor and did everything in his power to keep his power and wealth in society. He has got to be my favorite male character in this series. I just really adore his relationship with his mom.

The Sylvia, Calvin, and Sunny triangle was pretty interesting. The gay concept was pretty surprising in the sense that I don’t think there was anyone that was gay in a TVB series that was like the main character. I think things would have been better if he wasn’t gay and he did like Sylvia instead of Calvin. Soon later the triangle became a square with Catherine in the picture. Then it really got interesting. 3 people that wanted one person. Who knew that Calvin would be such a hit? haha. Anyways, it was interesting to watch all of them sacrificing for one man.

Constance was the one that I was always frustrated with. She always had to tell on people and just butt into people’s business, which caused me not to like her as much. I was so annoyed with her with the whole Jessica accidentally killing someone with her car. But all in all I guess she was a nice person,she just wanted the right thing to happen. I found her very annoying which made her the least favorite sister out of the three. I didn’t enjoy her too much, which is a pity because it was the last role Gigi took before retiring from the entertainment circle.

Terrance was a stubborn playboy. I think he is the least liked character for me. There isn’t much to hate about him but there isn’t much to love about him either. He is stubborn and is always on Jessica’s back. He always fought with his dad and the only real good relationship he had with anyone was with Constance. Terrance was nothing special to me. On the other hand Moses, played him very well. Its just something about Moses handsomeness that he can play a playboy very well.

Terrence and Constance was an okay couple. I was too use to seeing Moses and Gigi together so I didn’t feel much with them. T&C were pretty cute, I didn’t really liked how Derek kind interfered with them, it just dragged their story for too long.  By the way I didn’t like her with Derek, I felt as if it was more of an obsession then love, just saying. Their storyline wasn’t that much anticipated for me, because to me it seem repetitive from other series that they were together. There wasn’t  a specific scene that really was super cute for them that made this couple worth watching then the others.

Will was one of my favorite characters. Maybe its because of Bosco, or maybe it wasn’t, but he was a good character. I thought he would be one of the guys that would turn all bad and evil, with his increase gain of power. I was glad he didn’t turn out to be that way. I loved how he cared for Melissa when she was sick and he became like her best friend. i thought he was doing this because he wanted more power and money through her company but in reality he did cared for her and wanted the best for her before she finally died.

Elise is a character I wish they showed more of. She was a mean spoiled brat, but when it came down to it she did have a heart. She did cared for the people that was around her, especially her grandfather after his heart attack. I like her relationship also with Tai-Wor later, I really thought they might hook up as he saw her changed into a better person.

Will and Elise storyline was pretty …boring. I don’t know why but I felt as if they didn’t talk about them too much. In the beginning there was a good amount about them and as the series went on I felt as if their storyline together wasn’t that great and there wasn’t much of it either. I didn’t find too much chemistry between them for some reason. I didn’t even really got why she would like him. Their storyline was very much I felt overshadowed by the other story lines that were going on in this series, so I felt as if I didn’t really get to watch their feelings developed and such.

The most un greedy real person in this whole series just could be Shek Tai-Wor. He never did anything that would benefit himself, but for others. He took himself out of the game just so his brother can continue on and win. I don’t find him as the most loved character for me, I just find him as a very pitiful character, as he sacrifice a lot for the people around him. He had too big of a heart.

Honestly,I still don’t really know what the plot was. I thought for the longest time it was going to be about, well jewelry, gold, silver and things like that. Well it did touch on that subject, just a little though, for Terrence and Constance’s  storyline and her dad. It was mainly in the beginning and as the series went on, it wasn’t much surrounding the ‘gem’ anymore. It was more of the conflict in business and between the men of the three sisters. They fought for wealth and power and standings in society.

The ending was something that I looked foward to, because well its the ending and I wanted to see how everyone’s life came about. I thought it ended nicely. It was a good conclusion but I thought it should have been more of an exciting one. Maybe something like Louise character died or something like that. I think it would have been a little more interesting with a dramatic ending to it. But all in all I quiet enjoyed it, it was something to watch to fill my time in. The storyline is not too great. There aren’t many long series like these, these days so it was nice to watch something long, even if it was pretty boring. I might rewatch it once, to get a better understanding of it. Since half the time I was watching it, I wasn’t even payng atttention and I have skipped some epsiodes. I was also confused with the storyline, like I didn’t really know what was going on, so it will be wise for me to rewatch it when I get the time. Then I will come back and edit this with more thoughts, for example more characters and the plot.