The Ironic Ending of E.U

***Contains spoilers, you have been warned

The ending was good. To be honest I was looking for more of a better ending, a more dramatic one. The ending I thought would be good or supposedly good since the whole series was very catching and dramatic… but whatever.

Ron was supposedly on Michael’s side and they were in the factory. Previously Ron has changed the lock to the back door and mix the drugs so that there was a problem with it. Then he texted Samuel with Chiu Sir’s phone and told him his plan at their “secret” hiding place. When Michael finally got inside of the factory, he wasn’t able to get back out because Elanne was outside and that the backdoor was also locked.

Michael and Ron finally escaped from the factory and ran outside. He was wondering why everything went wrong all in one day and he knew that Ron was the traitor. Ron slowly took out his gun but Michael took out his first and started to beat him up. He took out his gun and they started to fight. Ron got away and Michael kept on chasing him and eventually shot him until he couldn’t move anymore. He walked over to him and he was just about to kill him, when…

Samuel appeared in the picture and he stood up against Michael with an unloaded gun, confident that there were bullets inside to hide it from him. Michael ask him whether he can actually shoot him because he looked like his father and if it will make him live in life of guilt. Samuel told him, he was nothing like his dad, even with the face, he is still a bad guy. Shots were then fired and the cops started to come over. Michael ran away because he didn’t have any bullets anymore.

Michael Miu‘s ending was not that great but it was ironic. He ran along the street and Elanne was there with a taxi, screaming at him to get into the car cause she didn’t want him to go to jail. In the end, he could have got away when his daughter pulled the taxi up to him and told him to get in, but he didn’t. He was paranoid about trusting anyone anymore, so he ran away from her. As he ran away he a car hit him. I actually get why he won’t go in the taxi with her, his trust for people were broken again… and again by the ones he trusted most and by the ones he loved most.

The ironic part was that the people driving the car was some of the kids that took his drugs, and they got all high. He rolled over the car and finally fell onto the floor and fainted. The cops finally got him.

Samuel and Ron had a long talk about Ron’s role as a policeman and how he was able to get the silver whistle in the academy. Ron didn’t want to go back into being a policeman because he thought he wasn’t capable of doing so anymore. In the mean time, Chiu Sir woke up and he admit that he didn’t know who was the one that shot him.

Elanne went into visit Michael in jail, where he had attempted to suicide. All the dreams of Michael was lost and he didn’t find the hope in living. Also his eyes were broken which meant he can’t walk anymore. He then realized he should have trust his own daughter and leave with her. If he did, he would have had a better ending.

Elanne left a mini book by the tree and Ron found it. In the book it talked about how their relationship and everything that they have gone through. In the end, Elanne wanted things for them to end where it had started under the tree and that they couldn’t be together anymore because they have gone through too much. She also thanked him for all the things that he had given her, after he met her. Ron walks away from the tree where it was written by Ron that he would wait for her. Also, Elanne was leaving Hong Kong for a while.

The ending Ron was a cop again and they whole crew set out again, like the other 2 ending, they go off to a mission.

I was hoping that Ron and Elanne would actually be together, cause I think they were pretty cute and they look good together. I was hoping that he would catch her before she leaves but it didn’t happen. I never expected that they won’t end up together cause they were pretty close to perfect.  if there is another sequel I hope he doesn’t get another girl, I am kinda sick of him changing girls all the time. I thought a better ending for Michael was that if he died… or maybe he got away with everything. I thought anything would be better then for him to end up in jail, its too typical. I wanted something extreme since the whole series was full of surprises, the end failed to surprise me. I also felt as if the ending wasn’t the ending, it just felt as if it lacked something…just something.

I actually got a hold of the ending pretty early, about 2 days before orginial airing, which was pretty sweet. That is why this post was so quick.

Thoughts on previous episodes will be done soon. 🙂

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E.U Thoughts [i]

Episode 1-10

So far so good, I don’t know why but I thought I would be excited for this series, but I am not. I hate the theme song, the video for it is alright but I don’t like the song. 

I am not even  a interested in the Samuel Chan’s story-line. I find him rather boring in this series, actually no I have found his story-line boring in the past 2 series too. The most exciting part was when he found Michael to be his father but that was basically it. He is not too exciting. I don’t really bother much about his story-line.

I don’t like Kaki too much. She is just not that attractive to me. No offensive if you like her or anything but her face looks flat… like flat. I don’t know how else to describe it. I don’t care for her story-line too much either just like Samuel’s. This kind of sense that I am not interested in her relationship with Samuel either. 

Ron’s story-line on the other hand interest me. I love watching Ron way more then watching Samuel. There is so much to his character. He is very exciting. I am looking forward for his role as the undercover cop. I wonder if he will actually turn bad or will he remain good as he finishes his job. I found that his character has changed a lot . He is now this dirty scum bag, I remember he used to be pretty neat back in the Academy Days. Well I guess one thing that didn’t change of him was his impulsiveness. 

Elanne Kong is pretty cute. I like her more then Kaki. She has a better flow in her acting, it also feels as if she doesn’t have to try, it just comes out naturally to her. I would like to know more about her, all I know is that she sings and she was in some movies. I hope she gets to act for TVB a little more. She looks very young to me too. Her character is very lovable. 

I am really looking forward to Ron and Elanne’s love story line develop. They look cute together. I think I will make a MV of them, just because I think they are too adorable together. The blog thing was pretty cute too. I wish Ron would stick with this girl if there is another sequel to this series.  Seriously, how many girls do they have to go through?

I was excited to see Michael Miu again. I always thought of how he will return in this series, and it was pretty … not interesting, but its okay. It’s so weird seeing him as a bad guy. I don’t ever think I seen him portray the evil one, well except for Dicey Business, but that didn’t really count. He was partially good in that one.  I like how mysterious he is, at the beginning I thought he would end up as a good guy, but later on its clear that he does want power and such. I don’t know why but I keep having this feeling that he is a good guy. Something like in the end of the series, there is a twist to his story-line and it shows that he was a good guy all along. Maybe he is a cop too? Related to the dead Michael? That is most likely not to happen though, I can only wish that could. I just feel like there is a lot to his character.

Michael Tse as Laughing was pretty neat. His name was pretty weird though. Anyways, he is … very interesting. I have no idea what he is doing all the time. Somehow mysterious. We all know how he is a ______(don’t want to spoil for the people that don’t). I am looking forward to see how is identity is revealed.

Kathy Chow, oh my goodness how long has she been away. I am glad she came back. She looks prettier then ever. Well, she isn’t the prettiest thing I seen, but she does look prettier here. I am excited to see how she will fall for Michael. She is such a nice and innocent person, I really want her to reunite with her sister and mother soon. 


The series is going pretty good for me, I am eager to watch most episodes soon. This series is also passing by very fast to me, since I finished about 1/3 of it already.