TVB Calender 2008

2009 is going to be one plain interesting year.

We began January off with some young hip people. I don’t like the brightness of some of the clothing and Linda’s pants. It is a great way to show that TVB doesn’t have much sense of style.

February brings in good luck with red and Chinese New Years. I think Michelle’s make up is pretty but the hair, I think they were tyring to make her a little older looking to fit in to the older generation. With so much youth inside of her, she still look so young and pretty despite the hair cover up.

March with green for St. Patrick’s Day. Is that why it is a green background. Anyways, why are they being so cold right now. It doesn’t feel right. Charmaine and Sonjia is so formal and Roger and Michael seemed to be in the cold winter months.

April is for Chanel. This reminds of of an ad campign for Chanel due to their closness of their faces and the black outfits. I don’t like it though, especiallly how Myolie looks in the middle. Somehow this is kinda creepy.

May, may bring you back to the 80’s, early 90’s. Gosh thank god I wasn’t really in this era cause if I was I think I would be blind with all the fuzziness and the 3D glasses that I have to put on all the time.

June. I think this is a very cute one. Everyone is smiling and happy. I think Patrick look so cute. 😀 I think this has got to be my favorite month. At least this looks more natural then any other month.

July we are off to the seas with captain Ron. I like it up to the point where I saw Natalie in the corner. She looked like a creepy doll.

August. I hate this one. Cheezy pose and bunch of girls in their swimsuits in front of a backdrop. It would been better if they used a beachy backdrop istead of a tanish one.

September. When its time to go back to school with formal male clothing. I like it though its very professional looking.

October with Halloween which I think Maggie is suppose to be. Bobby looks photoshoped in. He really stands out of this picture. I think this was kinda of a useless month. They could have done more with these 4.

I like this month too. November. Moses looks pissed from not getting an award in 2008 so he will try to look mad all year so in 2009 he might get one. I like Gigi’s red dress its nice.

December. Gosh, I don’t know how to begin with this picture. Liza, she looks likes she still is hot as if she was 20. I don’t like her bow. She just looks creepy to me. The guys surrounding her doesn’t make it any better either.

In the end what can I say? I love all these cheezy tvb calenders. 😀


* note:some coloring had been modified.


Off Pedder Intial Thoughts [I]

The new Best Selling Secret with addition cast. I was excited when it first air and I couldn’t wait to see how this sitcom would work out for me, since I did like Best Selling Secret. As I watched more episodes, I don’t know whether I should keep watching or just stop.. until I hear it gets good again. (something that I did with Best Selling Secret). The five main reasons why I am watching this series is 1. Elvina Kong 2. Elvina and Tsui Wing relationship in this series. 3. I wanted to see who really was Teresa Mo 4. Florence & Stephen 5. Just because this is a different version onBSS.

* Note: I only watched up to espiode 15, before typing this post.

This really lives up to being the Best Selling Secret II. The storyline is so similar. Unlike, advertisement, Off Pedder is about a magazine with two heads fighting against each other. These two heads, is Elaine and Teresa, just like Elvina and Esther in BSS. Elaine is more like Elvina as Teresa was more like Esther, a carefree, fun boss that didn’t want to start this war in the first place. The setting of the office is pretty much the same too, with the two divisions completely split in half. Also they are always, eating, sleeping and just gossipping around the office area. I like how the are together again in the office, just like BSS, a big family. In Off Pedder it seemed like its a little smaller since most of the girls from BSS is not in here. I have a feeling I might give up soon on this series, just because I don’t want to chase after a 20 minute a day series for …one year. That is just too much. I might just watch the episodes that involve Wong Cho Lam, Aimee Chan, Tsui Wing, Elvina Kong,Teresa Mo, Stephen Au, Florence Kwok, and Wayne Lai.

You can also tell who really gain more screen-time from BSS and who’s screen-time really lessen. In my perspective, it feels like Elaine Kin & Tsui Wing really gained screen time as Elvina Kong lessen. Also where is Florence, Stephen, and Wayne. I guess it is kind of too early to tell who is really the main characters in this series. Hopefully, Florence, Stephen and Wayne would appear soon.

I feel as if Elvina got less screentime. Most of her screentime were just couple of lines and everytime I see her, she is right next to Joyce. Its too early to tell whether she would have a significant role in Off Pedder, but I hope she does since one of the reason why I am watching Off Pedder is because of her. I don’t really like her character as Gam Yuk Kin though, maybe its because I am not use to it. I was used to the high class, formally dress to work Elvina, not the casual chic look of her. Dude, this chick has so many pairs of glasses. It kind of makes me want to get some even though I don’t wear glasses.

I really like Teresa. I didn’t know I would like her that much. Her character reminds me of who other then Esther’s, Wong Ka Nam. The nice, carefree, friendly one. She is kinda funny too, at some moments. She is also pretty for her age.  I can’t believe I grew to liking her so fast. I am excited to get to know about her a little more and to watch some of her movies and watch her as the main character in Off Pedder. I just hope she doesn’t leave in the middle of the series. I also wonder who she is going to pair with.

Tsui Wing, has a lot of screen time here, he appeared in every episode, and most of those episodes that I have already watched, is somehow based on him or he has a big role in it. This somehow reminded me of Stephen’s character in BSS, where in the beginning its mostly focus on him and his life.  I feel like he had a big promotion from his character in BSS, since he is more focus now and has a lot of scenes with Teresa.

It seems like Teresa and Tsui Wing is the star of the show. I thought HorB was going to be the main lead, but he doesn’t even appear in more than 2-3 episodes out of the 15 I have watched. I have a feeling that they might pair up. In a way I know they won’t pair up just because it seems like Yun Shueng is very independent and she seems like she only treats him as a little brother. On the other hand, it seems like Kwok Yen cared for her a little more than that older sister thing. Just saying.. I kind of want to them get together to see how it might work out. In a way I don’t because it would be too much of that brother and sister love,instead of real love.  Also of course, there are many people that want Tsui Wing with Elvina again, which from what I heard, their storyline will explain a lot in around the 100 esp.

So far I have 3 favorite epsoides, 2 consisted of Elvina and Tusi Wing.

I always wonder how they will become enemies. I thought it was through their bosses but after a while it seemed as if they didn’t really cared for their bosses battle and was friendly with each other. This episode is pretty cute since there was a lot of scenes between BaoYen & Yuk Kin. Its funny how he tried to help her with her boyfriend problems and he helped her boyfriend with his girlfriend problems. It was pretty funny in the end when they found out what happen. It’s funny how her boyfriend is so stupid in rattling Bao Kwok Yen out. Just when they were friendly with each other, it turn into hatred. It’s okay because hate can turn back into love very easily.

This episode reminds me not to talk to strangers on-line, and especially not to met them in the real world. This is a very typical problem this world has today. Guys getting all sweet and making the girl come meet him and the next thing you know something else happen. I think this episode was pretty cute in that BaoYen was trying to get all sweet while talking to Yuk Kin. After she realized the truth behind the computer and that she was humiliated through the magazine, her hate for him worsen. I thought that Bao Yen was suppose to dislike her too, from earlier news that I have read about their relationship. I guess after this episode, it is only a one sided hate.


My most favorite episode so far in Off Pedder has to 15. I will do a separate post for this episode.


All in all, this is a pretty alright sitcom. I still do like Best Selling Secretbetter, just because I thought each role was fit perfectly and that the people had more screen time deserves it. Don’t get me wrong I do like Tsui Wing and Teresa, its just that I don’t really like how Elaine is getting the spotlight right now. I am also kind of sick of the office fighting thing between two boss, seriously better drama can come up in office scenarios. Also I thought Best Selling Secret seemed friendly unlike Off Pedder. There is just something not that inviting with Off Pedder, I just don’t know what that thing is right now. Other than that I guess I will only watch the episode that looks interesting that revolves around the characters that I cared about until I feel like chasing all these episodes.

When Easterly Showers Falls on the Sunny West Thoughts [I]


Joe Ma, Liza Wong, Charmaine Sheh, Selena Li.. Joe Ma..Joe Ma…& Joe Ma 😀 is enough reason why I should watch this series. Also this series was filmed in a studio in a city in China where I WAS!!! part of the summer. No, I didn’t try looking for Joe when I was there, because I thought my brother was lying to me and also cause I had a lot of stuff on my mind when he was telling me for me to actually realized what he was saying. Yes, I regret not listening to him.

What is up with the LONG title.. When Easterly Showers fall on the Sunny West.. that is like 8 words in its english title. I can rephrase it in my own words, When Tears fall on Bliss. haha, not much better but at least is shorter.. and its not as confusing. I swear I misspelled the title 50 times already on the title of this post. When Eastern Showers.. When Easterly Shadows.. When East Shadow fall on Sunny West. I swear one day I will work for TVB, and I will be the person that comes up with better, simpler titles. Honestly, I know where this title is trying to lean towards and know how they came up with the title.. but seriously it doesn’t need to be that long and complicated dude. -_o

Anyways, I really like this series. After watching about 2 epsiodes of it, I was pretty much hooked onto it. Unlike Gem of Life where I was hooked after 2 epsiode, then it getting draggy for me afterwards, this series didn’t bored me at all. This series also reminded me of Point of No Return. I think it is because their setting is similar and that Charmaine was pretty poor in both series and that there is a richer guy falling for her. I feel like this series is also progressing in each epsoide unlike the Gem of Life. In a way I feel rushed in this series, there is too much going on in so little time, haha.

The themesong was pretty interesting. I thought this series was going to be a drama filled one and when I heard ths song, I was surprised on how relaxed and slow it was. It seems like a really happy song at the ending of the song with the la la la. The setting and editing is very nice. I like the glow, the softness of it all.

The storyline right now is a very capable one. It was pretty intense seeing how Joe would get out of jail and out of his death penlty. Also it was interesting to see Raymond and Charmaine together. Their story was a bit short and rush. I felt as if they just got together cause they seemed interested in each other, seems as if there is no real love at all. Or as if its only puppy love. Honestly, I wish they ended up together then her with Joe, because she looks better with Raymond, in my perspective. From the looks of the themesong, we all know Charmaine and Joe will be together in the end.

I really disliked how Liza treated Joe before their reunion. I didn’t like how she wanted to drive him away by acusing him on stealing and how she didn’t trust him. I understand that she must be careful with this guy that she doesn’t know too well even though he is her son, but still. I think she should have supsected him quietly, instead of confronting him. Seriously if I was Joe, I won’t reunite with her, especially if she knew that he was her son. I didn’t really like how she treated Charmaine either when she came as a guest to her house. She is just too over protective of her son, but I guess during those times, status really does mean something.

My favorite character so far is Joe. He seems so innocent and nice. He is innocent enough not to be hated. There are some characters that are so innocent I would hate just becaue they are so naive and everything. Joe is just innocent enough not to be completely stupid and likeable for me. I can’t wait to watch his character go into high class soceity. Which also makes me wonder how would Charmaine be treated once Joe and her start to have feelings for each other.

The reunion of Joe and his father and mother was pretty much rushed to me. I thought that his identity would be known in a more dramatic moment, not like in the middle of accusing him for kinapping his brother. Pretty lame to me. Also his identiy, I feel is revealed too soon in the series, I was hoping it would come out around the 15-17ish epsiodes. I guess its okay. I am excited to see how Joe and his father will bond with one another. I can’t believe Liza is still so cold towards him. I really wonder why since they truth is already out.