Just a quick update…

I am still currently trying to find the perfect host for me. So far I am leaning towards HostMonster , but I am still looking around to see what is best. I won’t exactly be able to make my new site for a while due to school. I wanted to make it sometimes this month, but due to a lot of work I have to do I think it will be pushed until maybe November. >.< Hopefully it will be launched around Nov-Dec. time. Until then, I will be updating here once I get the chance too, something that I hope I will be doing more of soon. I haven’t been the best updater recently. I need to start getting my MR writing out and of course my BSS review out too, which is taking me forever to write, due to the length of the series. Hopefully I will publish the MR this weekend.

On the other note..guess what BSS fans?


畢打自己人  out 10.20.08 . I can’t wait :p feels refreshing from BSS.