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Love Exchange Thoughts

I was really hype with the series when it first air. I remember watching the first episode in Hong Kong in my hotel room and I just wanted more of the series right from there but watching the second episode and then the third.. my hype for it fade and it was just an alright series for me then. Around the middle episodes I got tired and bored of it.

 I was pretty excited to see Michael again since I love him and I haven’t really seen him since Drive of Life. I love how Michael play the dumb dude in the beginning. It was just too cute when he was trying to talk and act. As much as I love seeing him in the plaid shirt, I like it better when he wore suits when he changed back to the bodyguard image. I love his character just because it showed that he actually loved his wife very much. He was always crying and all sad about her. I felt bad for him everytime he found new information regarding his wife’s death. I think its pretty amazing how he was depressed and so sad for so long. His character is both weak and strong, which I like very much.


Anita Yuen. I don’t remember what series I lasted seen her in or if I ever saw her at all. Well anyways, I guess her acting is alright also, kinda stiff in some ways , to me at least. Her expression is always this look that she has. haha. Maybe its because she just came back to acting, who knows. Her character is so naive to a point where it pissed me off at times. She thinks everything is so simple. I hated how she was so nosy about Crystal’s life when she just wanted to be left alone. There is just something that bugs me about the way she talks to people. Then again I am a bit weird, maybe its her character that bugs me. I have to see more of her works before I can really judge on her acting I guess. But all in all, I do like her and I hope she acts in more series in the future.

After seeing Crystal in her last series, Phoenix Rising, I was excited to see her role here. I am glad her relationship with her mom patched up and was able to be with her in her finally days, without regret. I like her personality also. I really like how she doesn’t care if she had a status or not with Power, as long as they can be together. I like her strong character also. I also like Crystal’s acting. I think she can really act,she can smile, laugh, cry. It’s all great. She fitted her character perfectly. I hope to see more of her soon.

Power Chan. From the moment I saw him, I felt like he had a secret that might lead to the death of Anita and Michael’s spouse. There is just something about his character, I guess. Also cause he is somewhat always the bad guy in series. His character is very cunning, in making people believe him. Wicked too for trying to kill Crystal near the end. I don’t have much to say about him.

Tracy Ip as Sophie. I think this the first time I am seeing her in a series. I guess she is pretty ok for a new person. As for her character, I thought she was very innocent. Even though I don’t care much about her relationship with Power and wanted Power to divorced some day for Crystal, I felt that every time I see her again after Power and Crystal together I feel so sorry for her. There is just something about her that made me feel so bad for her. Something that bug me was that she was taller than Power. It made it awkward looking for me. Don’t get me wrong I don’t really mind the girl being taller but the thing is that she was just a little taller than him all the time. It is just weird seeing her head pop like an inch. I am just weird. =p


I always thought from the beginning Michael and Anita would be a couple along the way , but I guess not. I thought that when they were trying to find out what happen with their spouses they would also find out they love each other also. Of course that happen, but the love is more of the friendly version of love. I am actually glad that they didn’t get together. Michael’s love for Angela was so strong that if he did go ahead and be with Anita, it would make me wonder how he moved on that quick, since he has been practically crying about it for months. I was pretty glad that they end up as friends.

Power Chan and Crystal Lin relationship is very cute. When I first saw them together, for some reason I didn’t blame them on being together behind Tracy. I like how Crystal wasn’t that evil mistress until that point where she did became evil. I found fun and cute together. They didn’t really expect much of each other, they were just there to be with each other every now and then. Crystal didn’t want much from him except his love so he didn’t have to leave his wife. I really supported this couple up to the point where it started to hurt Tracy. I hated when Crystal tired to make Sophie jealous.

 The story in general is cool, trying to find the reason behind their spouses death. I think that this should have been a movie more than a series. The plot is very movie like. I never expected Power to actually be so cunning. When he gave himself in to make it seem like it was his father in law fault was very convincing. I never expected that Crystal also had something to do with it. All along I thought that the murders were linked to one person for revenge or something. To me the outcome was very surprising for me cause what I have guess that would happen didn’t happen.

In the end, I think this series is alright. I found a lot of points draggy, if they didn’t involve talking about the case or some of the love stories in this series. Things like with Anita’s brother, mother, father in law, were quite boring and was a waste of time for me. I thought that their might be more suspense to this series with many twist and turns that will make you go to the edge of your seats. I was wrong. I was only excited about the first episode and the last.

I would give it a 3/5