Break Up Week in BSS

2 break ups in one week. Is it me or is it a rush for a good storyline before the ending? or do they have nothing better to put their storyline on? Dude there is like 9 more episode left for this series with so many unsolve questions and they pop in two break ups. Wow …just wow.

 ” today I finally broke up with Diana”

First break up early in the week was Kau Chun and Diana. He broke up with her on a propsal which I thought was pretty… tacky. The reason was so that Diana would get accept in the family and with him by her side it wouldn’t happen since he doesn’t have a family name behind him. First of all he broke with her on paper!?! Its not high school, he should have broken up with her face-to-face. Well anyways, I didn’t think their break up was that sad since they didn’t do it in person. On the bright side, I liked the song that was playing at the end of the episode =] I think they will get back together when KC proves himself that he is worthy to be with someone like Diana and break the contract with money he earned or Diana won’t care about family name and be with KC.

Kau Chun:In the proposal it stated that Diana and I will not ever be together again. If I break it I will owe you ten million dollars (?). I have a request and is that Diana will have everything in the Man’s family and the status forever.

Diana:  He won’t give me up for money. He won’t give me up for ten million dollars.  I know now, he give me the contract for me to see. It’s because of me that he broke up with me. He loves me so he broke up with me. He did it for me. Kau Chun did it for me.

 “I really like you”

Then at the end of the week it was Queenie and Useless. I think Queenie deserves him breaking up with her since she looked like she didn’t care about him at all at times. Also she always lie to him with Vincent’s brother. I thought it was pretty sad though. WAY better break up then KC & Diana’s. Maybe because it was in person and you can see their emotions of them breaking up. I didn’t like how Queenie had no emotions after the break up. Poor Useless was all depressed and everything and she was just all like…what did he say?! fjsfkj ksdjfskfdfeisdfjslf  show at least you care lady -_0. I think they will get back together with Queenie asking for him back.

Queenie:You came here,waiting for so long just to give me this watch?Ok, I see you have some sincerity, as the CEO I am going to hired you as the creative director(?)
Useless: I don’t want to work.
Queenie: Are you kidding me?
Useless: No I am serious. Its why I am waiting here for you.
Queenie:You said that you want to see me everday
Useless: I don’t want to ever see you again.
Queenie: What are you trying to say?
Useless: I am serious. Just make this as a breakup gift. Bye
Queenie: Wait, what are you doing?
Useless: Where were you around 6 today?
Queenie: I was with a cilent
Useless: You were at a cafe with Vincent’s brother, he gave you a watch too. During that time my heart hurt, I was hoping that you won’t recieve that gift but you did.  I don’t want to be in this love full of lies. Good-Bye
Queenie: You are different from him. I am only with him because of his power and I will also have a support
(Useless let go of her hand and walked away)

I think the better break up this week goes to Queenie and Useless just because he teared up like crazy and its emotional.



Olymipc Arena

Olympic Arena

Finally back after more than a month of living off a suitcase I finally can use the closet again. 🙂 This was the first time I left North America. Looking back on this trip I loved it, even though during it I somewhat disliked it. There was a lot of waking up early in the morning, staying up late,eating,shopping, oh yeah and WALKING. During this month I went to many parts of China besides HK, like one interesting city was BeiJing. There was when I walked the most cause there were a lot of old historical things. (like DC, so many history in the past weeks) I diddn’t really care too much with the ancient stuff, all I really cared about there is getting the olympic mascot stuff :] haha.

 Another awesome city I went to was Punyu, and in there I went to a zoo which a 2005(?) 20 epsiode TVB series Biter Bitten was flimed. It was pretty neat kinda remembering the circus scenes there and the zoo/animals parts there too. Macao was also one of the cities I went to. There were couple more cities I went to but I don’t recall their names. Of course there was Hong Kong. It was my first time there, so I was VERY excited. Hong Kong = TVB. so everywhere I went I tried to remember if anything was flim here or what not. (yeah i know weird), but it was fun. In HK, I went to Disneyland and Ocean Park. which was extremely fun. Ocean Park appeared a numbers of time in TVB series, but Disneyland none sadly. I went to many of the places where TVB flim background of their series. Of course there was also the aiport where many of those ‘running to the gate to stop the person from leaving’ scenes. Almost everything in HK reminded me someway or other of TVB, especially the taxis and the minibus. I love walking around HK going to all the different areas & traveling on the MTR where everyone seems to rush on it. Well I am glad to be back home & I think I will be staying at home for the rest of the summer, I am pretty sure of it. No more trips until months from now.

Other than that I  haven’t updated when I was gone, it was because I can’t go into this site to update. I can’t even view the public view of it. For a while I can’t get back to anyone’s messages left on the c-box because I couldn’t view many blogs. After a while I did and was able to get to them for a while. I won’t be blogging about FH II because I watched most of the eps at HK and I don’t really want to rewatch it just to blog about it. I will leave it to when I rewatch, when I feel like it. I might not finish CMN thoughts too just because I watched it over a month ago && I don’t want to rewatch it either.

Steven & Florence 343

Right now I am currently watching On the Track or Off. I saw it laying around at the house when I came back so I thought I would watch it during the day. It is a pretty amazing series, I can’t wait to blog about it when I finish. I am not watching Speech of Silence until later on because I didn’t even start on it when I was in HK. But I am watching Love Exchange,  also I am addicted to it. I love Michael Miu :] and the plot is pretty interesting. Also of course I am still watching Best Selling Secret. There are some good epsiodes every now and then. I am excited to see how his series end, with lest then 30 eps left and with some storyline unfinish I am very curious since its seriously finally coming to a close.

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