Leaving.. Again

I just came back from New York about 72 hours ago and now I am going to the airport to go to Hong Kong. Hopefully I will have as much fun as when I was in New York and DC, but I know its going to be so different then that trip. For one thing, its going to be different since I am traveling with some family instead of friends & teachers. Another thing is that it won’t he as “sad” since we saw so many memorials, museums, cemeteries of great people, and soldiers that died for us.

Anyways, for sure I will be getting back to people’s comment. In DC & NY i just had too much stuff, too tired, to comment back people. I will be bringing my laptop so I will be able to make some post …at least I will try since getting screen caps might be a problem and maybe watching each epsiode will be a problem too since I heard I will be out a lot. I am pretty sure I will be making some post though, at least once in this month long trip. 😀 Hopefully I will take more pictures in this trip then my other trip. Have a great month guys 😀


Catch Me Now Thoughts (6-10)

In episode 6, we got to see how the people from Damien’s gang met him and how the gang was form. I thought it was pretty cool how each person met Damien and I thought it was nice that the writers took some time to write the background of the characters a bit. Even though saving people is pretty typical, I thought it was still nice to incorporate into the story.

In these epsoides, it seemed like Joe and Fala’s marriage might start to have problems. It started with Fala being the model for the dimond necklace and how Joe didn’t really like what she was doing for Evergreen. It also showed that Evergreen is also somewhat interested in Fala. I hate the parts with Evergreen in it but I guess he had to be in it to create the storyline. We also see that Fala can’t have kids, which is something she is afraid to tell Joe because they wanted kids.

Honestly, I like the friendship between Damien and Idy. I likit at  how they would talk to each other and care of each other. I think they should have kept it at that but I know they won’t in the future epsoide. I do like seeing them together as best friends and nothing more. They don’t look too well together if they do become more than friends. By the way, Idy is still iffy to me.

I also like seeing Johnson and Koni relationship. Its more playful and cute. They always made fun of each other and I thought it was nice. I enjoyed seeing them together more than Johnson and Sharon. I wished that he like Koni more than Sharon, but its pretty clear that he really likes Sharon. I feel that Koni do have feelings for him, he just don’t know it yet. They would have been cute together.

I felt bad for Joe once he knew about that Officer Lau’s death. Joe put him in such a high place, a decent man that would have never broke the law. He was his hero all along. Now that he knows what he thought was wrong, he didn’t know what to believe anymore, everything about his hero is now crushed.