Thought you people should know I am leaving to New York and Washington D.C for 6 days with my class. I haven’t update in a while because of finals, so i thought this weekend I will put in one Catch Me Now thoughts before I leave. Sadly, that wasn’t possible, this weekend I was super busy. I planned to finish my thoughts for the post tonight… but then packing last minute I found was pretty stressful and painful… and I also realized it took me a long time. Right now its late and I am not even done packing for some reason so I don’t think I can finish the post for it. But i promise I will finish once I come back. I am not bring a computer  so I won’t be updating I might be able to get back to people’s messages and comment on my phone or iPod, since I am planning to check up on this blog every once in a while. It will depend on time I guess, I will try to do get at least one comment back a day if not then.oh well. sorry….so don’t think I am ignoring you 😀

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Diana & KauChun…297&298

Everything concludes to one word. FINALLY! I wonder how long some people waited for this couple to get together. I know I waited from about December, which was five months ago, I actually started to like them after seeing that ‘tape’ episode.

These two episodes were very cute. The way they acted was so sweet and everything. I also loved their thoughts voice over through out these two episode. In 297 it was more of KC thoughts and in 298 is more of Diana’s thoughts.  I got to say 297 was an amazing one especially in the end. I never thought they would actually kiss. After that “kiss” of Vincent and Ka Nam, I gave up on real kissing on BSS. Guess after all those complaints about it, they have to give a real looking kiss to redeem themselves. I also thought that there was only one kiss..but no there was two and I was kinda shocked with the second one. Not one but two. How cute was that. I also found it kind of random, how they got together. I always imagine a better storyline to it. I wish KC was the one that kissed her first though, he needs to be a man.

 These are some of my favorite parts.

 Diana thoughts:
Finally, KC and I have started. I never thought I would date someone with no family name or with no status. But if I think about it, even though he can’t met my society status, the happiness he gave me is something I never had before. I have asked myself many times what do I like about this guy? Maybe its because he simply gave me his heart, and I believe if everyone in this world leaves me, he would still be there by my side. Even maybe, for me he would give up his whole world. In this complicated world, I would never meet such a innocent sheep, how can I not be touch?

Diana: Did you wait for a long time?
Kau Chun: No, I have waited for 10 years, I can wait that 10 minutes more.
(Kau Chun reached his hand out to her and she grabbed onto his hand. They began to walk.)
Diana: Why did you go out today?
Kau Chun: I was showing a client around today. I took some pictures and sent them to you.
Diana:Really? I haven’t notice.
(Diana flipped her phone open and saw the pictures.)
Diana: Why did you take the pictures like that? It looks like you are a criminal.
Kau Chun: Yeah cause I have been in your prison.
Diana: Right now I am releasing you.
(Diana took her hand out of Kau Chun’s. Then Kau Chun took her hand back.)
Kau Chun: No way, I want imprisonment for life.
(They saw people walking and released their hands. After the people left they held hands again.)
Diana:Where are we going?
Kau Chun: going to eat.
Diana:I already ate at the meeting, I don’t want to eat anymore. You didn’t eat yet. Why didn’t you tell me earlier. There isn’t taxi around here either. We don’t even now how far we have to walk either.
Kau Chun: It’s okay, once we walk farther there are stuff to eat there.
Diana: I am scared your stomach will hurt
Kau Chun: Then I will eat you.
(Kau Chun grabbed her arm and pretended to eat her. Then they started to walk again.)

Diana’s Thoughts:
After being with KC, the feeling is very special. Every joke he said, I would think its very funny. Everything he does, I would think its very sweet. I never had this feeling with anybody. In this moment, if i can trade anything in the world for this I won’t. I believe that this feeling is what story books say “happiness”

Kau Chun:No matter how much other jobs can pay me I would never leave Ying.
Diana: Why are you telling me this I am not your boss right now? You don’t have to suck up to me.
Kau Chun: I am not like that. I want to be by your side to be your armor? to protect you from bullets.
Diana:What now? Did you swallow the word “juk mai” from the dictionary.


I thought 298 was the cutest episode of all. They can’t stop smiling at each other which I thought was very cute. I love it when they were held hands outside the streets and in the end when they were looking that the menus. They are just too cute together right now. I love what KC said to her in the end, he said that he would be her guardian angel protecting her. I can’t wait to see more of their cuteness together before BSS ends. 😀 Seeing them is so different now, I don’t know. I have look back at the older episode and it felt like two different stories/couples.(like the episodes before the tape incident)  It just feels kind of awkward to me now that they are together I guess but its all good. I just need to see them more together so I will get use to it.

Catch Me Now Thoughts (1-5)

The beginning was very “cool” haha. The theme video reminded me of the Angels of Mission? or something. I love the idea of this series, the modern day Robin Hood. I love how they planned the missions and everything. Damien is very smart in thise series, and also he was very cool about things. Joe is pretty smart too noticing things and he thinks outside the box.

I LOVE Fala Chan right now. I always liked her and everything but in this series I am really started to like her even more. Her accent is leaving her as I noticed. She is very pretty in this series, or at least I finally notice how beautiful she is. She looks more grown up in this series too. I also lover her character in this series, I find it as not as significant but it was great seeing her still as a wife of Joe. Her acting I notice did get better, since the very first time I saw her around a year ago. I can’t wait to see her more in this series and later in other series.

Idy Chan. I think she is alright and her acting is alright too. I guess I don’t hate her and I don’t love her, she is just okay to me. I did have high expectations for her since I heard a lot of people wanted to see her again so I thought she would be super good and I would love her like I did with Margie. I guess, I was wrong. I don’t really like her voice it sounds so dry. My dad said she was always like that so [shrugs]. All in all I don’t mind seeing her is just that I am not in the mode where I love watching her, maybe later, or maybe when I watch her in something else we will see.

Damien & Joe, I love seeing them together again. This time Damien is supposedly the “bad” guy and Joe is the good guy, compare to Drive of Life when Damien was the god one and Joe was the bad one. I like seeing them together again on screen.  I love both of them and it was nice to see another collaboration. These two make a very good major characters in this series. I love seeing how Joe is trying to catch Damien, I can’t wait to see what happens when one day he does finally catch him.

Joe and Fala is absolutely cute together even with the big age different you can’t really tell that their age are about 10 years apart. At the beginning I was very iffy about them not sure if they will turn out good, but once again I was wrong. They are adorable from the second I saw them together. I always thought they were going to go out first but I guess they were married for some time now and now they are trying to have a kid. It seemed like they are those newly wedded couples that don’t fight and still sweetly in love with each other. I can’t wait to see more of their scenes together and how they will develop in their relationship together.

I love the gang. Everyone is so smart and cool in here. It makes me want to do stuff like that. Everyone in there had a “power” ..haha. I love it when they get together, they are very funny. They are also cute together when they joke around.I love their chemestity together. I wonder if there are gangs like that these day, the one that gives to the poor.