Diana & Kau Chun…284

This is a pretty interesting eps. so here it goes.

So it seems like ever since many things clear up between them, Kau Chun left notes for Diana every Thursday asking her to go to dinner with him. It was also an excuse to go because there was a special. Kau Chun didn’t want to ask her face to face because he was scared to get rejected and that it was because he was afraid that Diana didn’t forgive him yet. Diana forgave him and sort of wanted to go everytime but didn’t go in the end.  KC was at the restaurant there waiting for her and MoGeiYung showed up and told him that he needs to man it up in order for Diana to start showing her feelings. Vincent gave KC a project to handle and he is suppose to be the “boss” of the thing. At first Diana got mad at him because he won’t stand up to be the man of project.

Diana got a call from Ken and they went out to lunch. MoGeiYung and KC went out and spied on them. Ken and Diana was talking about the project and letting Ken’s company to sponsor the project/event. Diana sneezed and Ken grabbed her hand making sure she wasn’t cold. KC saw it and got really jealous. Diana held out an a compact mirror and saw the reflection of them.  The next day at the meeting KC told rejected Ken’s company sponsoring the event. Diana ask him why did he rejected it and asked him if it was cause he got jealous of Ken. He told her that Ken’s company is in deep water and it will lead Ying into trouble too if they sponsor them. Diana happily told him that it was fine and smiled at him. She also told Vincent that this project was done thanks to KC.

It was Thursday and Diana didn’t see the note that KC normally left her. She decided to go to the restaurant and when she got there she didn’t see him. She asked the waiter the special was still going on. The waiter told her that they aren’t doing it this week. This left Diana disappointed. She was just about to leave but when she turned around she saw KC there. KC asked her if she would still go to dinner if there isn’t a special. Diana told him that if there is someone there with her to eat it she would. Diana told KC that next time don’t leave notes to ask her out for dinner just ask her face to face. KC told her if its not needed, to not meet with anyone at their restaurant. Diana asked him what was good there,and he told her all these items. Diana asked him how does he know how everything on the menu taste like and KC slipped out that he has been there for weeks of course he knew.  Then KC told her that he would order for her. Diana thought that KC is a sheep with horns now. It was also cute how Diana smiled at the note and at him when he rejected Ken.

First of all, I think you would notice my little captions on the picture 😀 haha Anyways, this eps gave me a lot of different thoughts, emotions and whatever else I felt. I always thought Diana didn’t care how KC acted I mean, when he was a “dog” it was clear that she had feelings for him, now she wanted a manly KC. Whatever, at least this episode didn’t piss me off. I thought it was very cute how KC left all these notes for her.  For course the last moments of the eps are my favorite. I wonder when they are going to get together. It looks so close and yet so far. The way they are moving throughout these eps are pretty slow… seriously. But I guess at least they are moving right, better than nothing. I liked the old episode on them more. I found it more meaningful and had a better script than this episode. I felt like a different writer wrote this one. But I guess after all that happen it is kind of hard to make things better and have a better story on top of of an already good story, if you know what I mean. Hopefully they will get together soon, I wonder how they will get together too. Its going to be interesting,but really I can’t actually see them being together right now. Something big has to happen, like… i have no idea, but I guess I will have to wait and see.



D.I.E Thoughts (11-20)

The cases in these eps are pretty neat. I love Margie’s client case. I thought it was something smart. I was very scared for Margie when she was captured though. haha. but thank god she was fine and Derek was the one that saved her. cute huh? I also like the online guy case. I thought that one was very realistic in our culture today. The other case about the dead actress was pretty neat too, it looked like pretty interesting. By the way a lot of people died in this series I have notice and they die after Roger knew that they have something to do with the case. Some of the endings of the case are rather interesting.

I really dislike Sonjia and Kenneth together. They are just so awkward together and they aren’t very good at making people think that they are a couple, at least to me. They don’t really have any cute moments together and when they have scenes together I fell that they are more like friends than a couple. I also didn’t like how Sonjia was starting to neglect Kenneth. He was such a good somewhat great boyfriend to her, always asking her out to dinner and wanting to spend time with her. All she does is work and talk about work and Roger. Which meant that I didn’t blame Kenneth for leaving her and cheating on her. She put it on herself. If she spent more time with him and everything, Kenneth would never cheat on her.

That is why I didn’t blame Kenneth for cheating on her. Kenneth got really lonely and all Sonjia did was work. He needed someone to love him and be there with him. All Sonjia did was talk and helped Roger.  Time after time, Sonjia forgave him but he kept on cheating on her which I do blame him for. Once was enough but no, again and again he went back to ‘queenie’.

Kitty. This is the first time I have seen her. When she appeared the first time as a ghost, I thought it was kind of creepy and I thought there will be like a creepy storyline to it and how she got killed too. I was wrong, nothing creepy and scary at all, she died from taking a bath and she was a fun character. I love it when she took over Sonjia’s body and spend a day at the carnival with Roger.

Sonjia and Roger.  I thought the way they got together was too quick, and rushed.  I thought it was very random how Sonjia liked him so quickly too. I guess they look alright together, but I kinda don’t want them to be together, it seems quite weird. I swear its the hair that made it weird, always the hair. lol.

Derek and Margie. So cute together especially with the kitten thing. Too bad they don’t have so many scenes together, I wish they did though. Its really cute how they are kind of shy around each other at around eps 19ish. I swear this is the cutest couple in D.I.E.

These are the Moments…Showtime Blues [I]

These are the moment that makes you smile, make you laugh or make you cry. These are the little things that make you enjoy the series a little more. These are the moments in life.

#1 Wayne & Florence

They both got to the side of their car and their boss called them for a meeting. Wayne said he will be there in 10 minutes, but then Florence said she will be there in 5 minutes. They both started the engine and raced. Then when they both reached the opening to the turn to the other floor together and neither of the car can get through.

Florence: Hey why are you “ding” my car?
Wayne:Yes I am “dinging” you.
Florence: I “ding” you too.

Wayne got out of the car and Florence followed him but she couldn’t get out of her car because there was little room and her butt was too big.

Wayne: The car also “ding” you. I told you not to make it that big.

Florence finally slide out and Wayne started to run.

#2 Wayne & Florence

They had been bickering about their bet and how Wayne’s doesn’t want to do it in the elevator. When it was Wayne’s floor he got out and went into his condo.

Wayne: Such a bitch. Stupid girl. a real bitch

Wayne got the glass dog with Florence’s face tape onto it and he start to hit it. Then he gave a call to Florence.

Wayne: Even if my horse doesn’t go to the gate, your china boy getting the ‘new star award’ is impossible tell him to get a piece of crap
Florence: You lost, music industry isn’t your thing anymore. Why do you care if my kid has the award later.

A banging noise started to appear.

Florence: Hey what is that sound. What are you doing downstairs?
Wayne: I am “dinging” you right now.

Wayne hangs up the phone and kept hitting his roof with his wood stick. Florence, then, grab a bowling ball and started to drop it onto the floor. After a while Wayne lost most of his electricity and he hit himself with the wood.