D.I.E Thoughts (1-10)


I got to say that I enjoy this series very much. I was planning to do a esp thoughts but..I kind of got lazy since.. Since they are 25 esp, I don’t think I will be up for it, so I think I will just do thoughts for it.

I am glad to see Roger Kwok. Its been a while since I saw him, I don’t remember when was the last series he did before D.I.E but I know it has been a while. He never disappoints me. I like his power. His powers to find out what happen reminds me of To Get Unstuck in Timewhen he had that telephone. I love him in this series he is funny and can act really well. I like his tricky little laugh and his smirk. He is truly the reason why I am watching this series.

The cases are rather interesting and alright. I like guessing who did it and figuring out the storyline to it. Its fun and I do it with every investigation show and what not. Sometimes you get it right and it makes you feel super smart haha. The first case was rather boring, about the missing guy and the will and stuff. Its too typical, with the will thing, every investigation show has a rich guy died and there might be something wrong with the will. I think the one about Roger and Margie’s father was a bit more interesting but not super interesting just good enough to entertain.

Sonjia and Kenneth pairing. I find this pair a little odd, since to me Kenneth looks younger than her even though though I know Kenneth is pretty old now. I really dislike the way that Sonjia treats Kenneth though. He treats her so good and doesn’t complain when she is all up in her work. All she does is ignore him and put work first while all he wanted was to spend more time with her. It feels like she doesn’t care about him at all and I feel bad for him. By the way I hate her hair, to me it looks messy a bit but I am guessing she is going for that tomboy look.

Margie. This is I think the first series I have seen her in. I think she is pretty fun character in this series. I actually think  I like her. She isn’t that pretty anymore like before but she is still pretty for her age. She also looked a bit mix to me like part chinese part white or something. To me she just doesn’t look completely Chinese. Also, I love her voice, it sounds so nice and clear haha. I just like want to steal it. I would love to know more about her and can’t wait to see her in upcoming series.

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Margie and Derek. I like them together, it seems like Derek has something for her but she is totally clueless. I like it when they first met each other at the restaurant. Derek thought she was the blind date but she was really there to tell him that his date didn’t want to show up. I can’t wait to see more of them and how their relationship progress, hopefully they will be together in this series.

Margie and Roger.  I love their chemistry together on screen. They are fun and cute together as brothers and sister. Roger is super overprotective of her also, when she was going to see their father, and he thought that it was a guy that is after her. I like how he cares for her when she was crying because their dad was “sick”, he was all like i will beat up that person that made you cry and whatever. What a good brother, he acts like an older brother than  a younger one.

Sonjia and Roger. Haha the typical hater to lover thing. They hated each other in the beginning cause Sonjia thinks that he is a curse to her and every time she saw him something bad would happen to her. You can really see their relationship is getting better. You can tell Sonjia is caring about his business with his father and everything. I can’t wait to see how they will get together since Roger is like never serious in this show.

So far its pretty entertaining. I like it since I don’t have any expectations for this show. 😀



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These are the moments:D.I.E [I]

These are the moments that I thought were nice, cute, funny or whatever. These are the little moments that just makes me  smile.

#1 Roger and Margie

Roger met up with Margie at the mall with flowers and they sat down to have coffee. He hands her the flowers that he brought for her.

R: These flowers are for you.
M: Wow, the flowers are beautiful, these must be expensive.
R: As long as you like it, it doesn’t matter if it’s expensive or not.
M: I am really that good to you?
R: In my heart I can’t find a word that describe how good you are
M: You are such a sweet talker.
R:I don’t know why, whenever I see you there are so many things I want to tell you..I want to tell you..till the end of time.. till the ocean  dries up
M: You are a liar
R: I meant what I said, if you don’t believe it, you can use your hands to feel my heart. and feel it pounding

Margie turns around to her cilent because she was teaching him how to get a girlfriend. The guy ask them if they can do it again cause he didn’t get the last part. Roger told him that it isn’t like a dvd, something that you can rewind, when something like that is shown its shown. He told the guy to trust them and just go with the flow and don’t be nervous and he will be able to get a girlfriend. The guy told Roger that he was lucky to have a girlfriend like Margie, Roger smiled and told him that he never said she was his girlfriend. Margie said that she never infer to him as a boyfriend, he is only her brother.

#2 Roger and Margie

Roger got mad because Margie brought up their father again. Roger doesn’t like his father because he left them when they were young. He also left them with a bunch of debts. They had to move away a lot to get away from all the loansharks and them. His mom also got sick and die. Margie came in with a bowl of soup also with the glasses on, telling him to smile and sorry. Roger said sorry for acting all mad and everything. He also said he can’t forgive his father for doing that.  Margie promise him not to mention their father again and told Roger to put on the glasses. He didn’t want to at first but then he gave in.