Ka Nam & Vincent…247

I got one word to say. FINALLY!!! Oh my gosh its been like 200 esp, since i notice that they might be a potential couple. Thank you for the writer that wrote that part of the story!!! i love you!! lol…maybe not haha. but it was a good story to it you know.  Thanks for AnimeMaster. for telling me earlier about them getting together and the translation for the esp couple days before the esp air. It got me all excited and made me happy =]

For me the whole story seemed a bit rushed its because there is so much episode on them or somewhat lead to their relationship lately for the past 30 esp, or so. Its a good thing though don’t get me wrong. This reminded me of Kau Chun and Diana story. Remember around the 180 esp. area where there were plenty esp on them because Diana apparently started to have feelings for her but then in the end they didn’t get together. Thank God that ending didn’t apply to Vincent and KaNam. Because if that did happen, i would be piss again -_0. I always thought that Diana and Kau Chun would be together before kanam and Vincent, but i guess i was wrong. Now since KN and V got together, hopefully KC and D will have more esp soon so they can get together soon too.

I can’t wait to see how they act as a couple, they do look cute together. Finally Vincent get to be with the girl he loved for 19 years. I can’t believe he can hold his love for her that long, but then again, love is an indescribable thing. They are cute together and i can’t wait to see more of their scene’s together before Esther leaves the show. Hopefully they will have a nice ending to their story.


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