Wasabi Mon Amour Final Thoughts

I wrote a nice long ending, and somehow it got deleted and i don’t know why, and i am too pissed to rewrite everything so its going to be short, just mostly my thoughts instead of a summary of the ending.

I finally finished Wasabi Mon Amour. I don’t think i would ever rewatched this series. This is just not a very entertaining series. I guess its okay if you just watch it to kill time.

Michael and Lousia. I don’t like them together. I don’t know why, they just don’t have the look on being together. In the end they , well i guess they end up together.  I guess it does look better for them to be together now since she is matured now. it is better than when all she wanted was fame and used people to help her get what she needed. She i guess grew up a lot in this series by the end. She didn’t want fame anymore and she took a TV job to prove that what she did was wrong and she fixed that and now she is really a cook.

I like them together more. Joyce and Michael i guess has the look of being together. Too bad they didn’t actually ended up together in the end, it figures since Joyce isn’t the main lead actress here. I wish she was and she could have been more convincing as a greedy girl that wanted fame more than anything. But i guess she is getting smaller roles since she just came back to TVB. Well at least they were together for a while.

This is a cute couple. The bickering at the beginning to the love at the end. This is what TVB always does to get people together in half their series. It was cute how Felix pretended to be sick so he can see Kara more. He even went to the trash bus to get her lottery ticket that she won 4000$ i think. Felix is so tanned in this series, and Kara looks prettier in this series than when she was on the First Beat.

This is a cute couple too but too bad we didn’t see them after they smiled at each other at the wedding of bernice’s “boyfriend”. I am guessing they got together, i don’t know it looks like it. This is the first time i have seen Dexter and he is pretty cute, like the nerdy cute. =] bernice did a good job as always in this series.

in the end, i don’t know if i want to recommend anyone watching this show. I guess if you are BIG Lousia fans or BIG Michael fan you would want to watch it, but other than that. I suggested you don’t waste too much time on this series. I only watched it cause of Michael, Felix, Kara,Bernice and Paul in this series. I didn’t like Lousia much in this series because of her character so i didn’t really watch this series because of her. on the other note, i like her in Best Selling Secret though. =]

Rating. 2.3/5


4 thoughts on “Wasabi Mon Amour Final Thoughts

  1. oh i never knew that louisa so was in best selling secrets, well i never did watch any, only watched some episodes, i dont like wasabi mon arour, its so boring no offense

  2. Good series with a couple cool and interesting relationships. The ending was descent with most of the characters accomplishing what they want to be.

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