Ka Nam & Vincent…247

I got one word to say. FINALLY!!! Oh my gosh its been like 200 esp, since i notice that they might be a potential couple. Thank you for the writer that wrote that part of the story!!! i love you!! lol…maybe not haha. but it was a good story to it you know.  Thanks for AnimeMaster. for telling me earlier about them getting together and the translation for the esp couple days before the esp air. It got me all excited and made me happy =]

For me the whole story seemed a bit rushed its because there is so much episode on them or somewhat lead to their relationship lately for the past 30 esp, or so. Its a good thing though don’t get me wrong. This reminded me of Kau Chun and Diana story. Remember around the 180 esp. area where there were plenty esp on them because Diana apparently started to have feelings for her but then in the end they didn’t get together. Thank God that ending didn’t apply to Vincent and KaNam. Because if that did happen, i would be piss again -_0. I always thought that Diana and Kau Chun would be together before kanam and Vincent, but i guess i was wrong. Now since KN and V got together, hopefully KC and D will have more esp soon so they can get together soon too.

I can’t wait to see how they act as a couple, they do look cute together. Finally Vincent get to be with the girl he loved for 19 years. I can’t believe he can hold his love for her that long, but then again, love is an indescribable thing. They are cute together and i can’t wait to see more of their scene’s together before Esther leaves the show. Hopefully they will have a nice ending to their story.


Wasabi Mon Amour Final Thoughts

I wrote a nice long ending, and somehow it got deleted and i don’t know why, and i am too pissed to rewrite everything so its going to be short, just mostly my thoughts instead of a summary of the ending.

I finally finished Wasabi Mon Amour. I don’t think i would ever rewatched this series. This is just not a very entertaining series. I guess its okay if you just watch it to kill time.

Michael and Lousia. I don’t like them together. I don’t know why, they just don’t have the look on being together. In the end they , well i guess they end up together.  I guess it does look better for them to be together now since she is matured now. it is better than when all she wanted was fame and used people to help her get what she needed. She i guess grew up a lot in this series by the end. She didn’t want fame anymore and she took a TV job to prove that what she did was wrong and she fixed that and now she is really a cook.

I like them together more. Joyce and Michael i guess has the look of being together. Too bad they didn’t actually ended up together in the end, it figures since Joyce isn’t the main lead actress here. I wish she was and she could have been more convincing as a greedy girl that wanted fame more than anything. But i guess she is getting smaller roles since she just came back to TVB. Well at least they were together for a while.

This is a cute couple. The bickering at the beginning to the love at the end. This is what TVB always does to get people together in half their series. It was cute how Felix pretended to be sick so he can see Kara more. He even went to the trash bus to get her lottery ticket that she won 4000$ i think. Felix is so tanned in this series, and Kara looks prettier in this series than when she was on the First Beat.

This is a cute couple too but too bad we didn’t see them after they smiled at each other at the wedding of bernice’s “boyfriend”. I am guessing they got together, i don’t know it looks like it. This is the first time i have seen Dexter and he is pretty cute, like the nerdy cute. =] bernice did a good job as always in this series.

in the end, i don’t know if i want to recommend anyone watching this show. I guess if you are BIG Lousia fans or BIG Michael fan you would want to watch it, but other than that. I suggested you don’t waste too much time on this series. I only watched it cause of Michael, Felix, Kara,Bernice and Paul in this series. I didn’t like Lousia much in this series because of her character so i didn’t really watch this series because of her. on the other note, i like her in Best Selling Secret though. =]

Rating. 2.3/5

I am addicted…to Best Selling Secret

I admit it, I am addicted to it and i don’t know why. Everyone has to be addicted to something, i am addicted to vitiamin water, rockband and best selling secret right now. I started out not wanting to watch it because it was too long and wanted to wait for all esp to air and then pick it up in the watch it in a short time maybe around summer or something. That never happened because they didn’t end on 120 esp, like they had planned. So i thought i will just wait alittle long for it to get more esp so i can watch it all at once instead of waiting every day for a new eps. In November, i figure out that i didn’t have anything to watch anymore so i thought why don’t i start watching it since, its going to end soon on 220 esp. I got esp 1-150ish ( my video store is behind because one disk is 4 esp. one week one disk. after so many weeks its pretty behind). During that time i was also sick and had a long weekend so i finish those eps pretty fast. Then i was like okay i need another break, once its reaches 220 eps i will pick it back up again. During this break i was looking at forums and blogs, and i notice that its not going to end at 220 its going to end at 328, or maybe even 500. is it ever going to end, i thought. i was already behind, when will i ever finish this series.

During Winter break, i was youtubing around since i was bored. I found someone that uploaded like every esp and it was up to date with what they were airing in HK, i was happy =]. I didn’t want to watch all the esp cause not all esp are that interesting. I looked around and founded esp that were interesting and only watched that. After Winter break, i think i was hooked. When i got back to school i was like i hope they uploaded the latest esp tonight or soon. Gosh i knew i was addicted. Before i knew it i watched every esp, whether its boring or interesting, i watched it.

So what really made me addicted to it anyways?

I admit it, Best Selling Secret isn’t as funny and entertaining as Virtues of Harmony. It doesn’t have the best people in there. Some esp are just plain, what the heck i just wasted 20 minutes of my life, while some esp are like wow, this is pretty cool. I wonder who these writers are by the way. There is just something interesting about it that kept me holding on. it was better than Welcome to my House anyways.

In the beginning, the first reason i watch best selling secret was because of Esther, since i haven’t seen her in a while it was nice to see her again. Then it moved on to Esther [KaNam] and Geoffrey[Vincent], cause they got something going on. I thought it was pretty cute of Vincent always there for her and having a crush for her for so long. I wanted to see how Esther was going to fall for him eventually, and if not how is she going to ultimately reject him. Now that it seems like she is letting him slowly in i can’t wait to see how she is going to let Vincent know.

Then i thought i should still watch every esp that i got on the dvd since, well i got nothing to do. There were some pretty boring esp i got to say. Esp, that really didn’t need to be in there, like it doesn’t tie to the bigger picture and its not even entertaining. -_0 By the way i hate MayMay, those esp, weren’t entertaining at all. Its just a lame way to kill time. Anyways, some esp are pretty interesting and fun to watch which makes me think there is hope for BSS to be a show that i will continue to watch.

Afterwards came the Alvina[Diana] and Tsui Wing[KauChun] story that i started to watch for. It was cute how Kau Chun loved Diana and protect her and always be by her side. (somewhat similar to the KaNam and Vincent story don’t you think. guy likes girl, girl slowly like guy) Anyways, yeah i like seeing them together and when finally i thought they will end up together. Ugh someone new came into this picture -_-pulling them apart. I am watching how they will work out or will never work out. like I have said before i have a feeling that they won’t work out though. i dont’ know why, maybe because its so different now, because KC is never around her that much anymore.

Another reason on how i think i am addicted is (i don’t know her real name) Ng Hing and Skek Sau[TinChenLo] relationship. I always thought they will be together from the beginning until the end, but i guess i was wrong, they broke up for a while and other parties step in. I wanted to see how they will get back together again and if Ng Hing will accept her Yin Guo instead of ChenLo. Now we do know who she picked, i want to see how they eventually end up. I also see if they will actually get married by the end.

I also wanted to see how Florence[Queenie] and Alvina[Diana] relationship. I wanted to see how they will hate on each other, how they have mini wars with each other. I wanted to see what will happen when Queenie found out that her dad knows about Diana true identity. Which already did happen by now, but she didn’t do anything yet. So its going to be pretty interesting to start seeing that happen. I think really its mostly Queenie that need to change her feelings, cause it looked like she started the whole thing and that Diana didn’t really mind her, she is just fighting back. I want to see if they will actually become friendly with each other for good. I am also in it to watch Florence, she is a great actress, she can play like freaking everything.

Now I am addicted because I like seeing the new people around BSS. For example Sunny Chan, Lousia and soon Suki. I am not into Suki as much as I am into Sunny and Lousia but its nice to have some new faces around . Finally, 2 more people that are actually real actors besides Esther, Alvina, Florence, Skek Sau.etc if you know what i mean. With new characters, maybe there is hope for no more pointless boring episode. This might bring new interesting story line that ties in with everything which would be nice to see different stuff going on. Of course i want every problem that came a while ago to have a solution to it soon before new plots and love interest come along.

Also, the past esp and this week esp of BSS looks rather interesting. Its more Esther now and its well interesting. With new cast and new twist in the story how can people not get addicted right now. Dude, the new twist about ah geen. seriously that is so random and everything, but its all good. This might even help Ka Nam and Vincent get together faster since she might find out how it was Vincent did everything for Ka Nam, not geen. Also her reputation of him is ruin so yeah. we will see

Ultimately I am addicted because of my iPod. I got my new iPod because my old one broke and i got the iPod touch that has the Wifi and Youtube, all that good stuff. I would listen to my iPod before I go to bed cause it helps me fall asleep faster. I started to go on Youtube on my iPod during winter break because I was not sleepy and there was no school the next day so yeah. I started to watch the series on my iPod and every night before I go to bed now i will watch it on my iPod when there is a new esp uploaded.

Whether from 328 episode or 500 episode that this series might have i think i will be able to watch every single esp. There are still a lot of stuff to be solve in under 100 esp, and it seems like a lot of things are progressing slowly but its getting there. Then again less that 100 esp might be hard to solve anything. Once again we will see what happens. =]